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  • Wunderino Hunts

    • What is being offered?

      Each day there will be a new Wunderino hunt where you can win various exciting prizes. The upcoming Wunderino hunts and prizes will be announced two days in advance.

    • How do I participate in the Wunderino hunts?

      You’ll be competing versus other Wunderino explorers in daily Wunderino hunts simply by playing on your favourite games and hitting the highest single win multiplier of the day.

      There’s no opt in required, you’re automatically enrolled in the current day’s hunt the moment you place a minimum bet of €0.40 on any of our games and you can keep track of your current position via the Top Hunters leaderboard.

      Wunderino hunts are run over a 24 hour interval, starting at 00:01 CET and finishing at 23:59 CET the same day.

    • What is a win multiplier?

      A win multiplier is how many times larger your win is compared to your bet. For example: if you bet €1 and win €5 in one spin, your win multiplier of that game round is 5. If your bet was €0.50 and your win is €2, the win multiplier is 4.

    • How does the Big Win hunt work?

      Whenever you hit a big win on any game, you’ll also receive 1 point on the leaderboard. The more big wins you get, the more leaderboard points you’ll collect.

      A big win is classed as any net win that is 10 times (or larger) than your initial bet. Play on ANY of your favourite games with a minimum bet of €0,40 (or more) to automatically participate in the hunt.

    • How do I win a Wunderino hunt?

      To reach the top of the leaderboard you need to hit the highest single win multiplicator of the day. Your best score of the day will be saved and if you get an even higher score anywhere throughout the same day, your score will be updated accordingly.

      The Wunderino hunts are based on the win multiplier in relation to the bet size placed. Everyone will have an equal chance of winning and is fair for everyone regardless of the bet size you prefer to play with, as long as it meets the minimum required bet amount.

      For example: Player 1: Bets €5/spin and highest win is €50. Player 2: Bets €0.50/spin and highest win is €5.

      In the the above example, the bet multiplier for Player 1 and 2 are both x10.

    • How can I see where I stand in the Wunderino hunt?

      The top 20 prize winning positions and the current highest top 20 multiplier-scorer will be available at all times through to view via our Top Hunters leaderboard. You can view the current day's Top Hunters leaderboard by clicking on the treasure-box seen on the Wunderino top banner.

      Use the navigational arrows on the sides to view the two previous tournaments and the two upcoming ones. If you’re a mobile user, simply use the swipe-feature seen on the top banner.

    • What happens if there’s a tie?

      In case two players have the same score at the end of a Wunderino hunt, the prize pool will be split between the two winners. Below you can find more information of how this works.

      In case of a 1st place tie example:

      Player 1: x350 single multiplier win of the day. Player 2: x350 single multiplier win of the day.

      Customers 1 and 2 will share the prize pool for the 1st AND 2nd position. 3rd place will go to the 3rd highest scorer and so on.

    • Can I participate without my details being shown on the leaderboard?

      We respect your privacy and will not publish anything other than the initials of your first and last name on the leaderboards. Should you be one of the daily prize winners, you will also receive a notification via email.

    • Wunderino Hunt Terms and Conditions

      • Wunderino hunts are run daily between 00:01 CET - 23:59 CET.
      • Minimum qualifying bet is €0,40 in order to participate in the Wunderino hunt.
      • The winning criteria is based on the biggest win multiplier on a single spin or game round of the day or the most amount of big wins made throughout the day.
      • To score leaderboard points in a big win hunt, the net winnings of a game round has to be at least 10 times larger than the bet that was placed.
      • A Top Hunters leaderboard with the current day's results will be available on site and updated automatically.
      • The scores for the previous two days Wunderino hunts will be available to viewed on site as well as the two upcoming hunts.
      • Cash spin prizes will be available instantly on the winner’s account for 24 hours.
      • Cash and bonus prizes will be available on the winners accounts the following day, no later than 13:00 CET and will also receive information of their prize placement via email.
      • No-deposit bonus prizes will be available for 7 days and has to be wagered 10 times before a withdrawal can be made.
      • In the case of a tie, the prizes of the two positions in question will be split equally between the tie-winners.
      • In the spirit of a fair competition, using strategies that would give an unfair advantage is not allowed and may result in any prizes won being automatically forfeited to the runner up.
      • Wunderino reserves the right to amend, cancel, reclaim or refuse any promotion at its own discretion.
      • The general Wunderino Terms & Conditions apply. In case of any discrepancy between a non-English version and the English version of these Bonus Terms and Conditions, the English version shall prevail.
  • Account

    • How do I join Wunderino?

      Go to wunderino.com/join and then follow our simple registration form.

    • Why do I see red fields when I sign up?

      Make sure that you have provided the correct information in all the required fields. Also make sure that you have not already registered before. If you have an account, just click the log in button and then “forgot your password?” or contact us and we will help you to retrieve access.

    • Why do you need my details?

      According to our Maltese gaming license we need to know everyone that is an explorer of our casino. It is called know your customer and the registration process is the first step.

    • I have forgotten my password?

      If you forget your password, press the log in button. Underneath the email and password forms there is a link to “forgot your password”. Enter your email in the form and then click on “send instructions”. A password reset link will be sent to your registered email.

    • Can I edit my account details?

      To view your account details, please log in and go to “My profile”. Please contact us if you would like to change your account details.

    • Can I change password?

      Yes, you reset your password from the login screen.

    • Can I turn off promotional e-mails?

      Yes you can, if you feel that our promotions are boring you can contact us and ask us to exclude you from all future marketing communication.

  • Deposits

    • How do I deposit?

      When you have logged in to Wunderino, please press the deposit button and you will see the available deposit methods in your country.

    • My deposit failed, how come?

      Make sure to follow all steps outlined for the method you have chosen. For credit cards, check that you did not input an incorrect password/code in Verified by Visa/Mastercard secure. The most common problem is the bank, insufficient funds, please check your bank account. Does it have a spending limit, block regarding online/international transactions? Please contact your bank and contact us if it is still a problem.

    • Do you charge fees on deposits?

      We charge a fee on some but not all of our deposit methods. Any fee’s are clearly stated on your deposit-page.

    • My deposit has not reached my account?

      Let’s make sure we find it! Please first check your bank account to see if the money has been deducted from your account. If it has, then contact us. We can usually confirm that the funds got stuck with our payment processors, in some cases we will ask for a print screen of the transaction just to make sure.

  • Withdrawals

    • How do I withdraw money from my account?

      Click the top-right menu icon and then click on “Withdrawal”. Keep in mind that you generally should withdraw to the same method you deposited with.

    • Which methods are available for withdrawal?

      You will see the methods available in your jurisdiction in the withdrawals section. Methods may differ per country and methods will be added from time to time. If you are uncertain about which method to use, please contact us and we will be happy to help.

    • Are there any fees on withdrawals?

      Bank transfer withdrawals are always free. We charge a fee on some but not all other withdrawal methods. Any fee’s are clearly stated on your withdrawal-page.

    • When do I receive my winnings?

      We take pride in getting you your money as soon as possible. Our target is that you should receive a withdrawal within 24 hours during weekdays. The speed of your withdrawal however also depends on your choice of method. Keep in mind that your withdrawal is subject to our review. We perform multiple reviews each day. If documents are needed we will contact you.

  • Casino

    • What is a bonus?

      A bonus can come in various forms and shapes. At Wunderino you can find both deposit bonuses and free spins. A deposit bonus is optional to receive and means that we'll give you additional funds to use with your deposit. If you for example opt-in to a 100% deposit bonus and make a deposit of €20 we'll give you an extra €20 to play with, so your total balance would in that case be €40 (€20 deposit funds and €20 bonus funds). Bonuses cannot be withdrawn instantly since a certain wagering requirement needs to be met first. Once the wagering requirement has been met, you're free to withdraw all the money in your account. For more information on bonuses, please refer to the other questions in this Casino-section.

    • Can I get a bonus?

      Apart from the welcome package that's available when you register your Wunderino account, we continuously offer deposit bonuses, cash spins and various bonuses to our players, on a regular basis. Available bonuses will appear on your "My bonus" page. Also make sure that you’re subscribing to our newsletter as well so you won’t miss out on any offers.

    • How do I claim a bonus offer?

      You opt in for all of our bonuses when you make a deposit on your “Deposit” page. Available bonuses will appear on your “My bonus” page.

    • What is a Cash Spin and Free Spin?

      Cash Spins and Free Spins are free rounds on a game, awarded to you from us here at Wunderino. Some free spins come without a wagering requirement. In that case we call them "Cash Spins". Other free spins come with a wagering requirement and are called Free Spins. We will always inform you which option applies. For free spins that come with a wagering requirement any winnings that you receive from a free spin will be paid out as bonus funds and needs to be turned over in accordance with the general wagering requirements before it can be withdrawn. You have 24 hours to activate your Cash Spins and 7 days to activate your Free Spin bonus once it has been awarded.

    • If I have activated a bonus, can I make a withdrawal?

      If you have cash available that is tied to a deposit bonus, you can cancel your bonus and receive the remaining cash. For example if you have deposited €50 and received a €50 bonus, you can cancel the bonus and withdraw the €50. Your wager will be taken from the deposited cash first, so if you have €40 and €50 bonus left and you decide to cancel your bonus the €40 is unlocked and the bonus is forfeited. Note that if winnings has occured on your cash bets with a bonus connected to it, that is considered bonus winnings and those winnings will also be forfeited.

    • How much funds do I have to wager to complete the bonus?

      In general, deposit bonuses requires that you turn over the combined deposit and bonus amount a certain number of times before a withdrawal can be made. This is often referred to as the wagering requirement ((Deposit+Bonus) x Wagering Requirement). The criteria will always be stated in our bonus terms available below under the question “What are your bonus terms”.

      You can find out how much you have left to wager of a bonus by going to "My bonus" in your "Account" section.

    • How do I know how much I have left to wager of my bonus?

      The completion rate of your bonus can be viewed on the main navigation page.

    • Do I have to join Wunderino to play the games?

      You are always welcome to try our games for fun and this can be done without having to register any account. If you wish to play with real money you will need to create an account and make a deposit.

    • What happens if I lose connection while playing?

      We try our utmost to prevent technical failures but unfortunately this can sometimes happen. Should you be disconnected whilst playing, the game round will most of the time have been completed. If it was a winning spin your account will have been automatically credited with the win. If you were disconnected and there was still some actions left to take or you were in the middle of a bonus round it will be paused and you can resume the round from where the disconnection took place by simply launching the game again.

    • Where can I see how much I have left to wager?

      You can see how much you have left to wager by clicking the top right menu icon which displays a summary of your bonus status.

    • My bonus disappeared! What happened?

      A bonus disappearing can happen either because it has expired due to not meeting the wagering requirement within the given time-line, or the bonus balance went below €0.03 which means it is automatically forfeited by the system.

    • Can I cancel my bonus?

      If you have a deposit tied to a bonus you can cancel it at any time, but keep in mind that any winnings made whilst playing with an active bonus will count as bonus money and will be lost if the bonus is forfeited prematurely. You can cancel your bonus on the “My bonus” page.

    • What are your bonus terms?

      Welcome Bonus

      To claim your Welcome bonus, simply opt in to receive the bonus when making your first deposit of €10 or more. Your Welcome package is only available on your first deposit, unless stated otherwise.

      Deposit bonus:

      The maximum bonus amount that you can receive on your first deposit are as follows;

      • First deposit: 100% bonus up to €100.

      Welcome cash spins:

      In addition to your first deposit bonus, you will also receive 30 cash spins that can be used on either Starburst, Lights or Aloha.

      The 30 cash spins will be available in sets of 10 over 3 consecutive days, starting from the moment your first deposit was made. The second set of 10 will be available to claim at the start of a new day (00:01 CET pm) and the last set will be available at the start of the third day. Note that these cash spins needs to be activated via “My bonuses” and can be used via mobile, Wunderino’s iOS app or desktop.

      Your daily set of spins are available to claim for 24 hours. Any unclaimed and unused cash spins will expire and be forfeited unless claimed and used within the specified 24-hour period.

      The cash spins have no wagering requirement and any winnings acquired from these spins will be paid out as cash. The welcome offer cannot be combined with any other promotional activities. In case of any discrepancy between a non-English version and the English version of these Terms and Conditions, the English version shall prevail. Any bonuses and/or cash spins can only be used once by each household, family, address, e-mail address and IP-address. Wunderino reserves the right to amend, cancel, reclaim or refuse any promotion at its own discretion. The general Wunderino bonus terms and conditions apply.

      General Bonus Terms

      You can only have one deposit bonus active at a time.

      When placing bets your deposited money will be used first and bonus funds second. Whilst betting with an active bonus, your bets will contribute towards the wagering regardless of the outcome of the game round.

      The bonus and deposit needs to be wagered 30 times ((D+B)x30) before a withdrawal can be made. If the wagering requirement has not been met within 30 days of receiving the bonus, your bonus will expire and forfeited together with any winnings acquired with the bonus.

      Please observe that different games will contribute differently towards the wagering requirement:

      • Slot games counts 100% towards the bonus wagering.
      • Classic Slots, Video Slots, Keno, and Triple Wins counts 100% towards the bonus wagering.
      • Table Games, Poker Games and Video Poker games counts 0% towards the bonus wagering.
      • Dead or Alive, Book of Dead and Bloodsucker counts 50% towards the bonus wagering.

      Please note that the following games are excluded from being played whilst having bonus funds available on the account. The list of games includes; Live Casino Games, Progressive jackpots, Jackpot 6000, Mega Joker, Champion of the Track, Tower Quest, Pearls of India, Lucky Angler, Big Bang, Kings of Chicago, Castle Builder, Tomb Raider 2 and The Wishmaster.

      The highest bet allowed when using bonus money, until the wagering requirement has been fulfilled, is €5 per spin and/or 50 eurocent per bet line. Some games also have a Gamble feature where each win in the game can be used to gamble for a higher win. The Gamble feature is not allowed to be used while playing with bonus money.

      The general Wunderino Terms & Conditions apply. In case of any discrepancy between a non-English version and the English version of these Bonus Terms and Conditions, the English version shall prevail.

    • Cash spins on first deposit

      Your first deposit spins will be handed out in sets of 10 over three consecutive days. The first set of 10 will be available from the moment your first deposit was made and all sets has to be claimed and activated via the “my bonus” page.

    • Why do I get the error "insufficient funds" when playing certain games?

      Some games are not available to be played whilst having a bonus active on your account. Please check our bonus terms and conditions to make sure that the game that you're playing is not one of these excluded games.

  • Play safe

    • What kind of play-limits do you offer?

      We provide the following features: deposit limit, session limit and self exclusion.

    • What is a deposit limit?

      A deposit limit restricts the amount of money you can deposit into your Wunderino-account on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. If the specified limit is reached you will be unable to add any more funds until the period you set has elapsed. Remember that once you have set a limit, we will be unable to revoke it without notice. The deposit limit is activated on your “My limits” page.

    • What is a session limit?

      A session limit restricts the time you spend playing our games over a certain period. To activate a session limit, please contact us.

    • Can I close my account?

      Yes you can, if you contact us we will help you.

    • What is self exclusion?

      Self exclusion is a tool to stop playing for a while. You can decide the time frame yourself and then contact us directly on email.

    • I think I play too much, where can I get help?

      Please visit our play safe section, it can be found in the site footer.