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New Year season

1 Jan - 11 Feb

New Year, new fun! We have loads of exciting new offers every week and a chance to take home the fantastic €50 000 season prize.

Collect up to 60 Cash spins on Gonzo’s Quest!

19 Jan - 21 JanGet your hands on 60 cash spins on Gonzo’s quest when you make a single deposit of €100 or more this weekend. Get 25 spins when you make a single deposit of €50.More information & rules

Win €50 000 in the New Year's Season

1 Jan - 11 FebBecome the first person to complete all the challenges and levels this New Year Season and take home the massive €50 000 cash prize! More information & rules

Daily prizes to win in our tournaments!

1 Jan - 11 FebPlace bets of €0.40 or more on any of your favourite games and get the highest score of the day to win goodies such as cash spins, bonuses and super cash spins! More information & rules

Earlier this week

Get 30 cash spins on Flame Busters today!

17 JanMake a single deposit of €50 or more today and get 30 sizzling cash spins on Flame Busters. More information & rules

Compete in today's tournament and take home the €1000 prize!

18 JanPlay on any of your favourite games today and get the highest score to take home your share of the €3000 prize pool.

Join us now for the chance to win the €50 000 season grand prize!


Win big this season!

We have loads of great offers this season. Get all the details about our season grand prize, booster days and more.

New Year season competition

As always we're giving away a grand prize to our season winner. This season we've excited to announce __our first ever season winner! S.T. from Norway__ showed some mad skills and was able to complete all challenges for the season. To celebrate this we boost the season with a €10.000 runner-up prize! Play any slot game to complete challenges and level up. You can check the season leaderboard to see how you compare to other Wunderino players in the season competition.More information & rules

Booster days

Some days our offers are a bit more generous compared to other days. We call these days "booster days". It means we'll add a bit extra to rewards, bonuses or tournament prizes. Keep an eye out for gold colored presents, that's how you know it is a booster day.

Level-up and get rewarded

Play any of our slots to complete the challenges shown on the start page. When you have completed all challenges on a level you will receive a nice reward. To find out what reward you'll get for levelling up just check out the "My bonus & rewards" page.


Any questions? Here are some of our most frequently asked questions about our seasons.

  • What is the Wunderino Adventure?

    The Wunderino Adventure is your chance to be rewarded while exploring games of the Wunderino world. Each level in the Wunderino world contains a set of challenges for you to complete. When all challenges at a level has been completed you will proceed to the next level and at the same time receive a reward.

    But hurry up, you don’t have forever to complete all levels. The Wunderino Adventure is divided into seasons. For every new season you will start at level 1. Your goal is to complete as many levels as you can before the season ends! We will keep track of your result for each season to preserve your bragging rights.

    Have fun!

  • How do I participate in the Wunderino Adventure?

    You don’t have to do anything other than play your favorite slot games! You will automatically be part of the Wunderino Adventure. We will keep track of your activities and compare them with your challenges. Just by playing your favorite slot games you will be able to complete challenges and in the end be rewarded for levelling up.

  • Season competition

    Current season ends February 11th at 23:59 CET. The winners will be announced February 12th.

    Play on any of your favourite games to complete the different challenges for each level in order to level up.

    Prize pool:
    1st €10 000
    2nd €5 000
    3rd €1 000

    The first player to finish level 12 will win an extra €40 000 on top of the prize pool.
    -If two players finish level 12, first and second prize will be shared i.e. (€10 000 + €5 000)/2 = €7 500 per player (and the player who completed level 12 first of the players will get the extra €40 000)
    -If three or more players finish level 12, first, second and third prizes will be shared among them (and the player who completed level 12 first will get the extra €40 000)
    -If more than one player finish level 12 at the same time (i.e. the same day), the extra €40 000 will be shared equally
    -If NO player finish level 12, the prize pool will be shared as described above but without the extra €40 000

    All winners for this Season will be announced on the Wunderino website.

    The general Terms & Conditions apply.

  • What is a season?

    A season is the limited time during which you can progress your Wunderino Adventure. The length of a season can vary e.g. Christmas season can be for 31 days and Easter season might be for 7 days. Your result when a season ends will be decided by the number of levels and challenges you’ve completed. These will be visible in the “My trophies” section.

    When a new season starts you’ll always start at level 1. New seasons will include new rewards and could also mean new challenges and levels to explore.

  • What is a level?

    A level is basically a section of the Wunderino world. The level you are currently at will be shown in the big image at the top of the start page. To be able to proceed to the next level a set of challenges has to be completed. When all challenges for a level has been completed you will proceed to the next level and at the same time receive a reward. The reward will be available in “My Bonus & Rewards”.

  • What is a challenge?

    A challenge is simply an activity you have to complete to progress to the next level, for example; win 3 times in a row on any slot game or finish top 100 in the daily tournament. If you complete a challenge you will be rewarded with a cool badge. All your badges will be stored in the “My trophies” section.

    In the big image shown at the top of the start page you will see a number of treasure-chests. If you’re on mobile you will be able to swipe between the chests. You can tap/click any of the chests to open up the challenge description. The description will explain how to complete the challenge.

  • How do I participate in the Wunderino Tournaments?

    You’ll be competing versus other Wunderino explorers in daily Wunderino tournaments simply by playing on your favourite games and hitting the highest single win multiplier of the day or most amount of big wins of the day.

    There’s no opt in required, you’re automatically enrolled in the current day’s tournament the moment you place a minimum bet of €0.40 on any of our games and you can keep track of your current position via the Tournament-leaderboard.

    Wunderino tournaments are run over a 24 hour interval, starting at 00:01 CET and finishing at 23:59 CET the same day.

  • How do I win a Wunderino Tournament?

    To reach the top of the leaderboard you need to hit the highest single win multiplicator of the day. Your best score of the day will be saved and if you get an even higher score anywhere throughout the same day, your score will be updated accordingly.

    The Wunderino tournaments are based on the win multiplier in relation to the bet size placed. Everyone will have an equal chance of winning and is fair for everyone regardless of the bet size you prefer to play with, as long as it meets the minimum required bet amount.

    For example:
    Player 1: Bets €5/spin and highest win is €50.
    Player 2: Bets €0.50/spin and highest win is €5.

    In the the above example, the bet multiplier for Player 1 and 2 are both x10.

  • How can I see where I stand in the Wunderino Tournament?

    The top 20 prize winning positions and the current highest top 20 multiplier-scorer will be available at all times through to view via our Tournament leaderboard. You can view the current day's leaderboard by clicking on the "read more" or plus-sign on the tournament area found on the start page.

    Use the navigational arrows on the sides to view the two previous tournaments and the two upcoming ones. If you’re a mobile user, simply use the swipe-feature seen on the top banner.

  • How do I join Wunderino?

    Go to and then follow our simple registration form.