Raging Rhino

Raging Rhino

The Raging Rhino slot machine boasts more than 4096 paylines. It has 6 reels,and every single payline pays. Like you'd expect, this implies that there are plenty of huge winnings, but also lengthy losing streaks. For a slot that has six lines it's a decent slot that has some great options that makes it exciting. I am impressed by the graphics and audio effects, however I'm not sure of how to calculate the numbers (number of winnings) which I believe can be enhanced. One thing that struck me while playing Raging Rhino slot was the sound of "Rhino!" when you hit a rhino payline which is identical to that of the Buffalo game. In actual fact you will find many similarities between the two games.

The fact that you must have three symbol to activate the bonus, and only two to trigger it's exactly identical to Buffalo as are the multipliers for wild symbols.

Raging Rhino slot machines online

While playing online I did not see a significant difference between this game and the actual money version played in Las Vegas or Atlantic City. Our free version is as good, or perhaps better since it is impossible to lose money while playing it.

Raging Rhino is WMS' response to the hugely popular Buffalo slot machine. It has many of the same features as Buffalo (down to sound "Rhino !"). If you land on three or more major symbols in the same row) and it also has a couple of additional options. Similar to Buffalo, Raging Rhino doesn't offer traditional paylines, instead paying out for every combination when symbols are displayed from left to right on reels that are consecutive. With Rhino it's an 8x4 screen, as opposed to the 5x3 format you'll find with Buffalo. This. signifies that the paylines are in 4096, as contrast to the 243 paylines in Buffalo.

Raging Rhino is a 6-reel game with no traditional "paylines" since every combination and permutation could lead to a winning available on Wunderino online casino. That means there are in fact 4096 paylines that could be played. Naturally, the probability of winning all lines simultaneously is extremely small, but it's possible if there is an unlucky symbol on each of the six lines.

If you're lucky enough reach the bonus end You'll notice that the wild symbols are becoming more frequent, and become multipliers. If you can get three wild symbols in a row each one of them will offer a multiplier of 3x which means that all paylines will be increased by 27 times (3x3x3). Now, if you can get three of the most lucrative Rhino symbols in one row, you'll be able to win an amazing winning. This is the reason why it is possible to experience lengthy periods of no wins in order to payout the huge bonus game winnings.