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Video Poker

Video Poker on Wunderino

Poker is one of the most popular casino games ever. For many centuries it has been played in the casinos, bars and casinos of the world, and for a few years now it has also found its way into online casinos in the vastness of the Internet. A special variant of this game is Video Poker. The biggest difference to "classic" poker with 52 playing cards is that it is played on a monitor connected to a computer. The rules and fundamentals of the game are based on the game 5 Card Draw, which is another popular game of poker in addition to the well-known Texas Holdem. It is even claimed by poker experts that 5 Card Draw is the original form of poker and all of today's variants have evolved over the centuries. The aim of the game is, in general terms, to get the highest combination of cards out of five cards by clever exchange of cards and, with a bit of luck, the highest combination of cards. Whoever succeeds or who remains the only player in the end, has won the round and gets the pot, consisting of the bets of all players. Even casual gamers really like video poker games because the house edge is usually very low or even zero.

Video Poker is still very young compared to the traditional 5 Card Draw poker game. When the first PCs were invented in the 70s, they were soon used in the first casinos because they made possible a completely new way of playing. Back then in black and white, video poker became popular in the early 80s in the US and slowly came to Europe. Many players found it exciting and less intimidating to play poker on a machine with a monitor than to sit down with other players. Besides, you only play against the computer and not against real people. This is a crucial difference and a great advantage for beginners over traditional poker, as they often do not master the art of bluffing well and are therefore inferior to more experienced players. Since you do not look the other players directly in the video poker in the online casino, you are also not tempted to make your decisions depending on their physical reactions. You can focus on your cards and game strategy without being irritated or influenced by other players. Thus, you do not need to maintain a "poker face", which many players develop only with a lot of experience. So you can play video poker completely relaxed and carefree.

As diverse as the casino games are, so different are the personalities of the casino visitors and poker players. Many players saw video poker as a kind of alternative to slot machines (aka one-armed bandits). Here they could play in peace, without interacting with other people and the game at any time z. B. leave without worrying about the opinions of other players. Thus, the online casino industry found ways to provide the different types of poker players with games that suited their personalities.

Basic gameplay of Video Poker

In video poker, the player does not sit with several players around a table with a dealer, but often alone in front of the monitor of a casino machine and performs his moves by clicking buttons on the screen. The gameplay is pretty easy. The player throws in a coin or other type of bet (modern machines sometimes have the ability to debit money directly from credit cards, which allows the player to save money by exchanging cash).

How to play Video Poker

Here he has the choice between different high stakes, depending on how much money he wants to play, and these offer the player a lot of freedom. At Wunderino, a player can usually decide for themselves if they want to stay at the start of 0.05 € or full risk and want to set the highest possible amount of 100 €. Often, the games are designed so that a higher stake means a much higher and thus disproportionate profit. For example, if you increase your bet from € 1 to € 2, you will see that, according to the payout tables, for example. a couple would not only get twice, but now maybe even triple the profit. This mechanism is intended to motivate players to increase their stakes and give the game a chance to further increase the tension.

After the player has placed his bet for the next round, he clicks on the "DEAL" button, which mixes the playing cards and then distributed. The player receives 5 cards and must decide based on how many cards he wants to keep or exchange.

If the player is happy with all five cards, can he or she keep them all?

Of course, if he has already been dealt a high-quality card combination, he can of course decide not to swap a card and to keep the hand out completely. This may be the case if the cards result in a winning combination of 5 cards, such as: B. a flush, straight or color.

The cards selected for exchange are then replaced by new ones that must be kept. From the newly created hand, the best combination is selected and the player receives accordingly from a predefined payment plan his eventual profit. Often, the payout schedule is displayed throughout the game in the monitor so that the player knows at all times what potential he can expect. Now, the round is over and the player can decide to play again. As mentioned earlier, Video Poker is a hybrid of slots and poker games as it is played on a machine, not on cards, but on based on the rules and gameplay of a classic poker game. Depending on the poker machine and size of the casino, there are different game variants. For some of them, for example, there are wild cards that work as wild cards. This means that certain cards, such as wild cards, can replace any card. But there are also many different variations of classic video poker. Some of the best known are Jacks or Better, All American, Tens or Better, or Deuces Wild, which you can play in almost all major casinos around the world. At Wunderino, we are always striving to further expand the existing range of Video Poker Casino games to provide our players with new, exciting game variations over and over again.

What are the benefits as a player when playing Video Poker online at Wunderino?

Especially for beginners and new poker fans, there are many benefits to playing video poker online at casinos like ours. You'll probably already have heard that poker, along with roulette and blackjack, are the best beginner games when you dive into the casino world. In addition to the low house edge, these three games are all about good strategy and making the right decisions at the right time. Since video poker is a simplified version of Texas Hold'em poker known from many casino films, even beginners can quickly understand the rules and key moves. Also, you should know that poker is not particularly profitable for the classic casinos. In addition to the low house advantage, the expenses for staff and premises are usually quite high. With a video poker machine, casinos can thus offer poker variants while saving ongoing costs. That's why you'll find a much wider range of poker games in online casinos. So also with us at Wunderino. We offer an ever-expanding selection of poker games, including video poker, at our online casino. Another benefit is just for occasional players who do not intend to deposit a large amount of money at the online casino or professionally play that minimum bet comparatively low and the player has a lot of freedom to decide for himself when he wants to bet how much money. Thus, just beginners can train in peace and gain experience without having to put too much effort. Some online casinos will even offer you the chance to win bonus games and free spins - as with Wunderino. If you play Video Poker with us, you will receive special offers for exclusive Wunderino Bonus Games at regular intervals.

What Different Video Poker Variants Are There?

As described above, there are countless video poker games, but we would like to briefly introduce you to the best known. You should always consider the following: Depending on which video poker variants you play, you should first inform yourself about the appropriate strategy. This does not take long, but increases your chances of winning but immensely. The most popular video poker variant in online casinos is "Ten or better" (any pair wins 10 or higher), "Jacks or better" (this is the classic video poker game in which each pair wins Jacks or higher) , "Deuces Wild" (a variant in which the two can be used as a wild card, ie as a wild card) and "Joker Poker" (there are two wild cards in the game, which can be used as wild cards). In addition, there are many more types of video poker, with the above ones being the most popular and well-known. Is there a way to know which first-hand cards to keep and to exchange in Jacks or Better? "Jacks or better" is a good choice for players who do not have much experience with Video poker games as it is the simplest video poker variant and is offered in many online casinos as well as ours at Wunderino. The name refers to the fact that face cards and aces, ie cards that are equal to or higher than a jack, are referred to as high or good cards. Similar to all other poker variations, you can also pursue different strategies and video poker hope for a pinch of luck. As described above, it is important to always play with the right strategy for each Video Poker variant. However, depending on which hand you get handed out at the beginning, you should follow these instructions in Jacks or Better, as they statistically promise the best odds of winning. If you have a hand that promises you a win (one so-called "hand made", ie a straight flush, full house, etc.), you should always keep these and not take the risk to swap, because a higher profit is very unlikely.- Have 4 of the 5 cards that you for If you need a royal flush or a straight flush, or 4 cards of one color, you only swap the 5th card. - In a treble you swap the two individual cards. The same applies to a Royal or Straight Flush with 3 cards.- If you have two pairs in your hand, swap the single card.- For one pair, swap the three other cards for new ones.- Have three high cards (face cards or Aces), then keep them and swap the other two cards. The same applies analogously for one or two high picture cards.

If you do not have any experience with Video Poker games yet, what strategies should I pursue in "Jacks or Better"?

In the most popular video poker game Jacks or Better, Simple Strategy is the most successful strategy and strategy should be used by beginners as orientation while playing. With it you reduce the house advantage to less than 1% and are about the same with an online casino blackjack game. In addition, this game variant no wild cards or other wild cards are used, which makes this game easier than z. Joker Poker or Deuces Wild, which we will discuss below. The strategy also includes a strategy table that you can view on the Internet and set aside to help you play. The table shows you which cards you should exchange or keep if you have dealt a certain starting hand. The table is structured as follows, in order to find the best and the most profitable combinations in the upper left corner. The lower the turn, the worse your chances are, so you should always start at the top to read. With a little practice, you'll quickly get used to checking the table. Of course, you can also just play gut feeling! Let's look at an example so that the use of the table becomes clearer to you. Suppose you get the following starting hand: Ace (heart), king (heart), 9 (spades), 7 (cross), 3 (spades) Now look in the strategy table to see which action you find there. Go through the list from top to bottom. Then you will see that number 11 is recommended based on your starting hand. So you keep the ace and the king while you swap the remaining cards. However, it may also happen that you give up a low winning hand in the swap phase in the hope that you will have a much higher winning hand after swapping. We would like to illustrate this with an example. Now, in a second example, assume that you are dealt the following starting hand: In your starting hand, you received 9 (cross), 10 (cross), boy (cross), queen (cross) and queen (spades). You can see that you have four high cross cards that are still in series. So you almost have a straight flush. According to the strategy table, the statistically best move is the one with the number 4. This means that you have to swap the Queen of Spades and have to hope for another cross card or even the cross 8 or the cross king. However, this means you have to give up the safe tall couple, the pair consisting of the two ladies. This procedure may feel wrong. However, looking at the paycheck, you will see that a Royal Flush and a Straight Flush mean a much higher gain than the pair. This will always be the case, whether you play online or in a real casino. In most Video Poker variations, you will only get back a stake for a couple, while the above winning combinations will give you back up to 1000 times your stake.

What Strategy should I have in such game?

If you understand the simple strategy we outlined above for "Jacks or better," you can use it in a slightly different form for the game "Deuces Wild." It should be noted, however, that you have a kind of wild card through the four wild cards, with which you can complete incomplete hands. Like Jacks or Better, the house edge is less than 1% on this strategy and you match your starting hand to the strategy table you can find online for this game. Please start up again and go downstairs until you find your starting hand and then follow the recommended course of action again. This usually depends on how many 2s (Deuces) you have in your starting hand. The more you get dealt in the beginning, the higher your potential winnings. And of course you should under no circumstances exchange a 2-card, because this wild card can replace any possible card. To illustrate this, let's briefly introduce you to different priorities and action alternatives from which you must choose in the exchange round.- No two in the starting hand: There is no difference to the recommendations for "Jacks or better" described above, since you no Have wild card in your starting hand. You should therefore strictly follow the recommendations of the strategy table for this variation of video poker. - A 2 in the starting hand: If you have at least one wild card in your hand and in addition 3 or more cards that form a winning combination, then you should keep and swap the rest. - If you have a five-finger, quad, straight flush or royal flush in your starting hand, you should always keep it. The same applies if you have four or three 2s in your starting hand.- If you have four high winning combination cards (eg Royal Flush or Straight Flush), you should keep them and swap the fifth card, if none 2 is.- If you have three high-winning combination cards, you should only keep royal flushes and any 2s, all others, such as 2s. For example, 3 cards of a straight should be exchanged. You should only keep royal flushes from two cards if they are face cards. You should pay attention to two pairs in this case: Again, you should decide against your initial gut feeling. You should only keep one - the highest - but never both! This is because you can create more opportunities through trading, such as: Because the cards with the number 2 function like wild cards and thus make it easier for the player to achieve a winning combination, the payout tables often start with a treble. I trust Playing cards that I can see, more than one screen.

So how can I protect myself from manipulating the machines by the operator?

You do not have to worry about the video poker game being manipulated by the operator. In addition to the fact that this is of course banned and the vending machines are regularly checked by the authorities for their functionality, the vendors with which we cooperate at Wunderino are all certified with a quality seal. In the US, vending machines are even state-controlled the cards are also really randomly distributed. It has happened in the past that individual players - and not the operator - have manipulated the video poker machines. As a rule, after clicking on "DEAL", the machines will simulate which 10 cards the player will receive. However, only the first five are shown to him. Some particularly IT-affine players had managed to get the next 5 cards displayed. So they could decide on the basis of all cards, whether a further employment and the exchange of maps would be worthwhile or not. To prevent this, a generator has been installed in newer devices, which only calculates the cards that are to be replaced when they are really needed.