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Our Top five most famous Casino Quotes

What would an evening at the casino be like without wise wisdoms and legendary sayings? Whether it be in your favorite online casino or in Las Vegas. Over the centuries, casinos have developed their own very unique language, which has found its way into our everyday language. Everyone knows the old saying “bad luck in the game, good luck in love”. It is well known that honest people “put their cards on the table”, while inscrutable people “put on their poker faces” or “do not let themselves be looked into the cards”. Successful people “are either just on a lucky streak” or have actually “hit the jackpot”.

General October 28, 2019 3:51 pm

UEFA European Championship 2020: Who are the favourites for the title?

Welcome to the third and final part of the Euro 2020 qualifier analysis. The third part is slightly different as it looks at the strongest contenders to win the entire competition. Additionally to looking at what makes the contenders exactly that, contenders, we will look into potential dark horses of the Euro 2020 football championship. If you are interested in parts 1 and 2, they look at the odds of the qualification rounds for the main competition.

General October 25, 2019 9:30 am

Lucky charm: Magical cat’s eye

Lucky charms come in countless shapes, colours and sizes, but they have one thing in common. They are said to bring luck to the person that possesses the item.. For example, they can help bring wealth or improve the health of the person while protecting against negativity. In our new lucky charm series we are talking about cat's eyes. No, this does not mean our meowing and purring friends, but rather the rare mineral.

General October 21, 2019 9:26 am

2020 UEFA European Football Championship: What’s up in Group F to J?

Welcome to the second part of the three part analysis of the Euro 2020 Qualifiers and competition. In the second part we will look at the latter five groups from Group F to J. If you’re looking for or interested in groups A to E, take a look at part one. Part three will be looking at the top five contenders to win the Euros in 2020.

General October 18, 2019 10:35 am

Gambling Horoscope: Libra

The summer is over and the autumn announces itself with clearly lower temperatures. But the cool weather and the rainy days do not cloud the mood of all those born in autumn. Because the foggy season means above all one thing: it is time to celebrate, because the birthday is just around the corner. In autumn, everything revolves around the zodiac sign Libra. Our monthly gambling horoscope tells you characterizes a Libra and which games you should not miss with this sign of the zodiac.

General October 14, 2019 10:15 am

Your first casino visit: Do’s and Don’ts

To visit a casino once - everyone has dreamed of this. Who then thinks of actors like George Clooney (in "Ocean's 11") or Daniel Craig (in "Casino Royale") has expensive suits and noble jewellery in front of his eyes. The dress code isn't that strict anymore - but you shouldn't show up there with your sweatpants on. But that's not the only thing you should be aware of when you first visit the casino. We've put together some casino tips for you.

General October 11, 2019 7:46 am

A lucky charm from ancient Egypt: The scarab

Although many people don't like insects at all, some of these crawling creatures are regarded as valuable lucky charms. These include the black spotted ladybug, the big brown cockchafer and - the scarab. Already in ancient Egypt this beetle was regarded as a positive, luck bringing, and even godlike symbol. Surely you have seen an amulet or a wall painting of this beetle in a museum and asked yourself what is so special about it. Wunderino will reveal it to you.

General October 7, 2019 9:05 am

2020 UEFA European Football Championship: Place your bets now!

Welcome to the first part of the three part analysis of the Euro 2020 Qualifiers and competition. In the first part we will look at the first five groups from Group A to E. The second part will be groups F to J and the third part will look at the frontrunners of the tournament.

General October 4, 2019 3:26 pm

Up the pitchers, up the winnings! Oktoberfest with Wunderino

"O'zapft is" – the barrel is tapped – with the first beer barrel of the opening ceremony, Bavaria starts into the fifth season of the year. As every year, the Oktoberfest kicked off with the legendary tapping of the barrel by the current Mayor of Munich. Of course, we at Wunderino also celebrate the Oktoberfest season extensively! Enjoy the advantages of the biggest folk festival online and win cash prizes of up to 50.000 € until October 13th in our Oktoberfest season. The more levels you reach, the higher your winnings will be! What else does the season have to offer? Daily tournaments and weekly offers! Well then "Prost" and Cheers!

General September 30, 2019 6:56 am

If looks could kill – Rugby WM 2019

The mouth opened and a loud scream came after, the eyes wide open, ready to raze everything and everyone to the ground, tongues stretched out, the faces distorted to a grimacing look, completely grotesque. For the non-specialist spectators it is strange, almost frightening – for the players and fans of the New Zealand rugby team Allblack an almost everyday ritual: The Haka. Originally coming from the vastness of the New Zealand jungle, the Haka is a ritual dance of the Māori – and also an indispensable part of the Allblacks game preparation.

General September 27, 2019 7:07 am