The 5 biggest advantages of online games

General April 30, 2021 2:37 pm

The game of chance has fascinated people for more than 5000 years. However, it is not known exactly when man started to play. The first dice, as we know them today, rolled as early as 3000 BC in China. In ancient times, too, games of chance were highly popular alongside fights in the arena and were part of everyday life for many Roman soldiers. Gambling finally reached its golden age in the Middle Ages. The first permanent gambling establishments were built here, but initially only the ruling upper classes were allowed to visit them. In 1638, the world’s first public casino, the "Ridotto", opened its doors in Venice.
Today, thanks to the Internet, we have access to a flexible and extensive online gaming world that our gambling-loving ancestors could only dream of. Today, we’ll tell you why it’s worth your while to take a look at our wide selection of online games.

Knight battles, safari tours or mysterious treasure hunts – the world of online slots is colorful

No matter if you want to dive into the mysterious world of Egypt with Book of Dead or into the vastness of the safari with Great Rhino Megaways: Thanks to the sophisticated graphics and sound effects, you can escape from everyday life with online slots nowadays and go on exciting discovery tours at any time.
Various bonus features make every slot unique and guarantee a lot of variety. Even if you like to play a certain slot theme in particular, it is worth taking a look at other slots from this theme area. For fans of the classic Book of Dead, for example, we can also recommend the Legacy of Egypt slot. Our tip at this point is: keep trying out new slots to get to know the diversity of the offer and thus gradually find your personal favorites.

Maximum flexibility at any time

Whether on your laptop, tablet or smartphone – you can play our online slot games flexibly on any device. So your favorite slots are always with you – no matter whether you’re riding home on the streetcar or relaxing in the bathtub in the evening. Unlike casinos, online slots also have no opening hours. So you can play 24 hours a day.
You are at least as flexible with your game balance: You can freely choose your stake within a large range for each slot and adjust it after each spin as you like. To test a slot, you even have the possibility at Wunderino to test all slot games for free and without logging in. Once you have decided on a slot, we offer you all common payment methods for your bets.

Win the big money with a little luck

Playing online slots should of course be fun first and foremost. Nevertheless, we don’t want to deny that with a bit of luck you can get great payouts on our online slots. After all, titles like Who Wants to be a Millionaire sound very promising, don’t they? How good your chances are depends on various factors, such as the amount you bet, the slot itself and its RTP. This abbreviation stands for Return to Player. The payout percentage has a significant impact on your chances of winning: the higher it is, the more often the slot tends to pay out. Payout rates of 95% to 99% are not uncommon online, which is why the odds of winning online slots are also significantly higher than in most classic casinos.

Online slots respect your privacy

While your machine is visible to everyone in a classic casino, you play online slots from your very private device. This way, you can keep all your gaming activities to yourself and make decisions in complete peace and without distractions. Whether you prefer to have company while playing or enjoy the peace and quiet of your own four walls is ultimately a matter of taste. But both options are definitely worth a try!

Playing in times of crisis

The Corona crisis has turned our entire lives upside down. Passionate casino players are also affected by the restrictions, after all, arcades and casinos must now remain closed for the time being. Online casinos, on the other hand, are still available around the clock. This could be a good reason for even the biggest fan of classic casinos to give online slots a chance. Who knows, maybe this magical world will cast its spell on you too?


Online slots have many advantages over analog slot machines right now: they make gambling equally accessible to everyone, while allowing maximum flexibility. Online slots also pay much more attention to privacy and variety than classic slot machines. So, if this summary has made you excited about the joys of online games, try them out right now at free online games.