The history of dice games

General January 18, 2021 2:40 pm

Whether it’s Yahtzee or Craps – without dice games, a real games evening is really only half the fun, isn’t it? But when did they become so popular? To give you an answer we have researched the most important and interesting facts about dice games. And of course we also have a fantastic slot recommendation for you, just in theme with the topic: our ultimate dice slot Nicer Dice 40 Amatic.

From antiquity to today: dice games over the course of time

Unfortunately, there are some disagreements about the origin of the dice itself. For example, there is no fixed place or at least a country that could be named as the birthplace. Interestingly, the dice was apparently discovered more or less simultaneously in different regions of the earth far away from each other. Archaeologists have found a dice game in Iran that dates back to around 3000 BC and is considered to be the precursor of today’s popular board game "Backgammon". But finds from Ancient Egypt also prove that board games with dice-like components existed there.
Unlike today, dice did not have an obligatory shape back then – they used to even play with pyramid-shaped dice. An absurd idea, isn’t it? The used material also varied greatly. From bone to clay to glass – whatever material was available was used.
Even if the inventor of the dice or dice games remains nameless, we at least know how they came to Europe. So who do we have to thank for this? The Romans! Legionnaires were considered to be particularly fond of games, and so the popularity of dice games grew with the Roman Empire. By the way, the first gambling houses were built as early as during the 13th century: especially the poorer classes, such as peasants, enjoyed this new leisure activity.
However, the great success of dice games also attracted con artists. One popular scam, for example, were "loaded dice". The idea behind it was simple: One side of the dice was weighed down and the player’s "luck" was thus helped. Certain dice techniques also made it possible for cheaters to trick their way to victory and take advantage of unsuspecting players. To counteract such tricks, dice cups were invented, as these ensured a fair game.

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Our conclusion

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