Fishing despite ice cover: We present you our favorite fishing slots

General January 15, 2021 1:04 pm

Many anglers shy away from the winter cold and prefer to forgo the chance to make a big catch. You don’t want to miss out on a fish despite icy temperatures? Don’t worry – thanks to various fishing slots you can hunt for really big fish even on dry land. Today we’re going to introduce you to our five favorite fishing slots, where you can land lucrative winnings from the comfort of your home.

Old Fisherman

The story of the old man and the sea is one of the absolute classics of world literature. Thanks to the Old Fisherman slot, you too can cast your fishing net for the big win from the comfort of your home. Five reels with three fields each are waiting for you to set them in motion. You will be accompanied by twelve different symbols. If the compass, whistle, barrel or ship appear, you can hope for the big win. The old man comes to your aid on the hunt for the big catch as a wild symbol. He can substitute for all symbols and boosts the winnings.

For your trip to the sea, Old Fisherman also has a lot of free spins ready. For this, the symbol of the king salmon must go into the net three, four or five times. And then it’s time to collect really big winnings. Because this way you can unlock additional re-spins and trigger a real rain of winnings!

Conclusion: Old Fisherman is a modern designed slot with a literary background, which makes the cash register ring thanks to the generous bonus free spins feature.

Golden Fish Tank

Also very generous with free spins is the Golden Fish Tank slot. If you collect at least three free spins symbols, you will get bonus free spins rounds. Three symbols means six free spins and three feature picks, four symbols leads to eight free spins and four feature picks. If Poseidon, the sea god, is kind to you and you collect five symbols, you will get ten free spins and five feature picks. The feature pick is a special bonus in this slot that can increase your chances of winning. Also, a wild symbol, which can substitute for all other symbols except the free spins symbol, boosts the chances of getting big fish in this slot mightily.

Conclusion: Golden Fish Tank takes place in the depths of the sea and impresses with an imaginative design. The top chances to win free spins make Golden Fish Tank a particularly attractive and unique slot.

Fisherman’s Bounty

Fisherman’s Bounty already convinces at first glance with its colorful and dazzling symbols in fish, oyster and starfish look. It is played with five reels, three rows and 50 fixed paylines. Free spins can also increase your chance of a big catch in Fisherman’s Bounty. If you land three, four or five scatters of fishing boats, you will get 10, 15 and 20 free spins, respectively. During these free spins, more free spins can be won once at least three more scatters are landed. During the free spins, if fish with bounty values and a "collect" symbol stop on the reels at the same time, the sum of the values displayed on the fish is paid out as an instant cash reward in the form of a fish bonus. Who would have thought fishing could be so rewarding and easy?

Conclusion: The chance to win a fish bonus as an extra prize gives this slot a special twist. Absolutely recommendable!

Extreme Fishing

Are you one of the toughest sea dogs? Then the Extreme Fishing slot is the right one for you. It has a standard layout of five reels and three rows, which are connected with 25 paylines. However, Extreme Fishing wouldn’t be called that, of course, if you couldn’t hope for a very special catch. Shark Attack features occur randomly and allow you to win big. This is because during a Shark Attack, all three types of fish symbols become wild symbols for the duration of that spin. Since this turns even the worst result into a decent win, the Shark Attack feature is especially lucrative. The Fishing Feature bonus game can occur during the free spins and is a fun in-game game where you have to fish for virtual fish to get extra wins.

Conclusion: The Shark Attack and game-within-a-game feature give this slot that extra special kick. Definitely worth a few spins.

Fishin’ For Gold

The Fishin’ For Gold slot is particularly frosty. Polar bears, penguins and walruses are waiting among icebergs to support you in your hunt for the big catch – the golden fish. As soon as two, three or four golden fish appear on the reels at the same time, you can get great bonus features: Wilds, Multiplier Wilds and Free Spins. In the free spins you act with additional wild symbols and multiplier placements of 2x, 3x or 5x. While these features are active, all captured symbols become Wilds and can substitute for any symbol except the Gone Fishin’ symbol. If you collect three of these symbols, you will be rewarded with two more free spins.

Conclusion: In Fishin’ For Gold, the name says it all. With the detailed design, the search for the golden fish becomes a very special gaming experience. After all, it’s not every day that you have a golden fish on your hook. If we had to choose one of the slots, we couldn’t. Therefore, just take a look for yourself at Wunderino or on the Wunderino app. Numerous free spins and bonuses are waiting for you there.