From adventurous safari trips to mystical legends – the Mega-Slots of Synot

General November 16, 2020 3:37 pm

From adventurous safari trips to mystical legends – the Mega-Slots of Synot

Are you looking for action and thrill? With our partner Synot excitement and fun are the order of the day. From spectacular jeep rides through the Kenyan savannah to suspenseful legends, the game operator offers everything that makes your player’s heart beat faster. In our blog post we present three top slots of this provider.

1. Hot Africa – an adventure slot of superlatives

Scorching heat, a subtropical savannah landscape and lots of wild animals. We are talking about Hot Africa, a slot of our partner Synot. You always wanted to be close to a safari? With Hot Africa you have the unique chance and dust off great prizes.

On five reels and three paylines, Synot offers you a bombastic gaming experience that will give you a lot of thrills. The graphically sophisticated game reminds you a little bit of the Disney movie "The Lion King" and adds to the joy of playing with its playful motives.

The King of the Savannah increases your chances of winning 100 times over
During your safari in the vastness of the Kenyan savannah you will encounter a lot of exotic animals. You always wanted to get in close contact with giraffes, lions, elephants and gazelles? Hot Africa offers exactly that. Thus lucrative prices beckon you, if a giraffe or a gazelle crosses your path. They bring you twice, ten times or even 40 times your stake. The lion brings you a really fat prey. Because the king of the savannah increases your total stake five times, 20 times and 100 times. Pretty impressive, right?

The mysterious mask gives you incredibly lucrative bonuses
But in the savannah there are some other surprises waiting for you. Because even a mysterious Kenyan mask leads to great bonuses. Placed in the right places, you can win lucrative prizes with it. In addition, Synot rewards you with a breathtaking animation in this feature. What does it look like? Experience it yourself. As we all know, anticipation is the best part.

Pssst, we’ll give you an insider tip: the Gamble feature. Here you have to guess the right suit of cards. If you succeed, you can repeat the game over and over again and get rich bonuses. That way your winnings grow step by step. However, if you miss, you will lose all your winnings. But without risk it is only half the fun.

Breathtaking encounters with wild animals are guaranteed at Hot Africa and are rewarded with attractive prizes. Excitement, fun and joy of playing are not missed out. For slot fans with a penchant for adventure, this slot is an absolute must-have. We at Wunderino are already passionate fans of the gaming experience of Synot. If you can’t get enough of wild animals, we recommend another game at this point: African Quest. This game also creates a real safari atmosphere. We can’t wait to try one of these slots. Are your fingers tingling with excitement? Then visit us on our website and try your luck at Slot African Quest. The adventure is just one click away.

2. Mirror Shield – dive into the magical world of the wizard Merlin

Thrill and action don’t come too short with our next slot tip. This time we are going on a time travel to the middle ages. As a wise and benevolent magician, the mythical figure of the magician Merlin still exerts a great fascination on many people today. At the court of King Arthur the druid astonished the entire court with his magical abilities. You have been fascinated by the adventures around the mysterious Merlin for a long time? Then we can warmly recommend the Slot Mirror Shield of our partner Synot.

The simple game structure makes it easy for beginners to get started
With its five reels and ten paylines, this slot with its simple structure is especially suitable for beginners. They can approach the game to get a feel for the slot. Gentle medieval sounds together with the playful graphics will put you in the right mood for the mysterious world of the druid.

Secure the shield of King Arthur
To make lucrative paylines, you need to combine three identical symbols in a row. In the game you will encounter numerous symbols, including a golden chalice, a sword, the wizard Merlin, a silver shield and the figure of King Arthur. We would like to recommend the silver shield of the head as a particularly powerful symbol. Because with it you hold an important trump card in your hand: it is both a wild and scatter symbol. As a wild, it replaces all other symbols in your ranks, just like a wild card. And that increases your chances of winning. On the other hand, if three shields appear in your rows at the same time, you are guaranteed up to ten free spins.

You won’t get bored with this superlative slot. With this game, Synot offers everything that slot fans particularly love: a great storyline and impressive winnings. We at Wunderino are thrilled and can’t wait to get the reels moving again. You feel the same way? Then let’s go. Click here to go to the court of King Arthur.

__3. At Alchemists Gold you will learn about the beginnings of chemistry__

We remain in the Middle Ages. This time it is about the mysterious world of the alchemists. The predecessors of today’s chemists already experimented with the four elements fire, water, air and earth and observed their chemical reactions. These included spectacular experiments to transform simple metals into gold and silver. The game operator Synot has dedicated the Slot Alchemists Gold to these gold-makers – and it’s something to be proud of. If you have always wanted to know what the wonders of the Alchemists looked like, this slot is exactly your thing. We at Wunderino can already guarantee it: Excitement and fun are our highest priority.

Increase your winnings with the Alchemist
Right at the beginning of the game Synot introduces you to the world of alchemy. Red, blue and green vessels with different tinctures give you an idea of what an alchemist’s laboratory must have looked like. This is also reflected on the five reels and ten paylines. Various symbols appear here that remind us of the four elements, including a hurricane, a roaring wave on the high seas and a volcano spewing fire and lava. If you get one of these symbols, you can win small, fine prizes that are not to be sneezed at. If you are more interested in bigger prizes, you should pay attention to the alchemist. He is a powerful wild symbol and replaces all other symbols. What does that do for you? You increase your chances of winning.

With the Jewel Scatter, you get up to 20 free spins
You can’t get enough? Then look out for the jewel. He’s a scatter symbol. In concrete terms, this means that if it flashes three times in your rows, you can do ten free spins. As soon as it appears five times in your rows, there are even up to 20 free spins in it for you. So the gemstone will bring you a lot of fun.

We at Wunderino love Synot’s Alchemist’s Gold. It convinces with great features and attractive bonuses. In addition, this slot gives you the unique chance to look over the shoulder of a real alchemist. You are interested in experimenting with the four elements and you want to try your luck? Then you are in good hands here. Click here for the slot.

Our conclusion:
Mysterious, mystical and adventurous: these keywords describe best the gaming experience of Synot. Because the game operator offers you the whole range of adventure slots. Besides the thrilling storylines, there are also lots of bonuses and free spins for you. So if you are looking for the kick, these games are made for you. Interested? Then take a look at our homepage. [It’s this way](