Our heroes for the World Men’s Day

General November 13, 2020 1:36 pm

Tuesday, November 3 was World Men’s Day: that’s worth a blog post for us. But why do we want to dedicate an entire article to the men? Quite simple: Many of the main actors of our slots are whole guys – we want to present them to you this week and especially recommend them to you. So let’s raise the curtain on our top 5 slots for World Men’s Day.

The World Men’s Day
Since 2000, World Men’s Day has always taken place on November 3. But why and what exactly is celebrated? That without them there would be no soccer and no Formula 1, that DIY stores would be yawningly empty? Or do we only celebrate it because we need a reason to celebrate? Maybe all points are a little bit true, but the day was brought to life for completely different reasons. It is an action day for men’s health. Its patron is none other than the former President of the Soviet Union, Mikhail Gorbachev. The aim was to raise awareness of the male sex in terms of health. And because we believe that relaxation and fun also contribute significantly to health and well-being, we show you here our Top 5 Slots with men in the leading role – action-packed, varied and guaranteed never boring.

Discover the cowboy in you at Western Gold
With our first slot, we will take you to what is probably the most masculine of all adventure worlds, the Wild West. Cowboys, gold diggers, knights of fortune: few times in history are equated with pioneers and adventurers as much as these. Western Gold Megaways takes you to a saloon in the Wild West, cowboy feeling guaranteed! Stagecoaches, dusty roads and bales of straw rolling through the prairie: the slot is in a class of its own in terms of design, too. And with the soundtrack, the slot meets all expectations: Classic western tunes accompany you as you get the reels rolling. Classic tunes, but also symbols that are completely Wild West, are waiting for you at Western Gold. The highest payout is hidden behind a revolver. Are you curious? Then let’s go! Click here to go to the slot, which is 100% mobile by the way.

Off to ancient Egypt with Sir Percy Forset: Welcome to Book of Gates
Of the five slots, this is our very special favorite. And not only because Spearhead made the slot especially for us – it offers adventures that are second to none. Sir Percy Forset takes you on an adventurous journey to ancient Egypt – high tension guaranteed. He will take you on his forays through the desert sands, past pyramids and eerie figures. On the hunt for hidden treasures he meets pharaohs and queens, mummies and other treasure hunters. Book of Gates offers you fabulous 10 paylines. Also concerning the layout, you will find yourself completely in the time of the pharaohs: On 5 reels of 3 rows you will search for chambers full of gold. The super treasures can be found behind the technical bonus features. With them a successful treasure hunt can quickly become reality. In the free play mode you will find a symbol that unfolds after the spin and can even bring in extremely lucrative full-screen shots. Let yourself be carried away, it will be exciting!

Gonzo’s Quest
One thing up front: Gonzo’s Quest has everything a good slot machine needs: reasonable RTP, endless bonus features, and incredibly captivating designs and graphics. But above all, the slot has one thing: The totally likeable hero Gonzo. The little conqueror is in search of Eldorado and the treasures hidden there. And he can do everything, even a moonwalk if he’s particularly happy. If you like giant symbols and high winning potential, the slot should be your personal Eldorado! On 6 reels and 2-7 rows (the exact number varies on each spin), there are ideally 117,649 paylines waiting for you. With five great bonus features, Gonzo’s Quest is great fun. If someone shouts "earthquake" in the slot, you’ll scream with happiness: randomly and at any time a quake can be triggered. The cheap symbols are destroyed and only the good ones remain – just to name one of the bonus features.

Tarzan and the Jewels of Opar
Those who like the story of Tarzan and Jane will love this slot. It is based on the fifth volume of the Tarzan saga. Because his finances are not that good, the Ape Man returns to Opar, the lost colony of the legendary Atlantis. Incredible treasures are hidden there, but only Tarzan knows their exact location. In the book one catastrophe after the other happens and it is truly turbulent. The slot Tarzan and the Jewels of Opar promises much less chaos. But what slot and book have in common: There are considerable treasures and riches hidden behind doors, gates and in chambers. Just as only Tarzan can lead to the treasure in the book, it is he who is at the top of the payout table in the slot machine. A row of five here promises up to 37.5 times the stake. Set against the backdrop of the African jungle, Tarzan and the Jewels of Opar runs over five reels and three rows – there are 20 paylines. Numerous bonus features, unexpected twists, dazzling colors and a fantastic design also promise a game fun of the absolute top class. Are you curious? Click here for the slot.

Gold Digger
The slot takes us deep under ground. The only company there: old gold-digger Johnny. Why the slot is called Gold Digger quickly becomes clear, the name says it all. Johnny really makes it crack down there. He stands there in the darkness with his sparkling gold tooth and is always ready to help you out with a load of TNT. In this slot there are 5 reels with 3 symbols each. To the left of the reels is Johnny, the old gold digger. But it’s not his enchanting smile that makes hearts beat faster: When Johnny’s smile makes his TNT explode on the reels, causing an unspecified number of wild symbols to rain down. Wilds are known to replace any other symbol and are therefore particularly good at forming winning combinations. The distances at which Johnny makes his firecrackers fly are undefined. All in all, an absolute banger slot, in the truest sense of the word.

We at Wunderino hope that we have made you happy with our heroes on World Men’s Day – and that applies also and especially to the ladies. For what would the male sex be without them. So every day should be World Women’s Day and World Men’s Day.

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