Especially for you: the Top 10 Halloween Disguises

General October 30, 2020 2:11 pm

The creepy festival is just around the corner: Halloween! Although the big parties have to be cancelled this year, that doesn’t mean that fun is forbidden. Dress up anyway for a cosy and scary horror night with the family. We present you the Top 10 Halloween costumes 2020. Happy horror!

The Classic: the Grim Reaper
Clearly, the Grateful Death never goes out of fashion. And for the right look you only need one color: black. A dark cape, a skull, the obligatory scythe and the hourglass: that’s all you need. Our Wunderino tip: Why don’t you do a skull make up, then you can give your creativity free rein and let your individual ideas flow.

The Day of the Dead – "Dia de los Muertos
On November 2, the "Dia des los Muertos" is celebrated in Mexico. Translated it means "The Day of the Dead". Macabre, isn’t it? Fits perfectly to Halloween! That’s why we celebrate the day here with us now. For this you have to put an impressive make-up on your face. Not with that standard stuff, but with an elaborate "Sugar Skull" make-up. That mexican skull is then decorated with bright colors and rhinestones. This gives your costume a special glitter effect. This looks incredibly spectacular. The macabre background is topped by bright, multicolored colors – for example in the form of flowers as decoration. Bright dresses complete the mystical effect of the "Dia de los Muertos".

Zombie Cult for at Home
A ramshackle appearance, torn clothes, visible bones – imagine the perfect costume, then you belong to those who really celebrate the cult of the undead. After series like "The Walking Dead", zombies have become an integral part of the horror genre. This makes them a classic at any Halloween party. Zombies are no longer alive, but not dead either. Your costume should therefore consist of ripped off pieces of clothing – for example a rotten shirt with trousers. Cover your face with a zombie mask with greasy and matted hair. After all, it doesn’t quite fit when an undead person’s face shines like the sunshine. For the perfect zombie look you should spice up your costume with fake body parts like ribs and skull bones.

Sexy Zombie Schoolgirl
The zombie schoolgirl is the female version of the scary zombie. Of course, all schoolgirl-like with tartan skirt, white knee socks and cute braids. Only the bloodless eyes, the dirt and the torn clothes distract a little (very) from the "good" girl look. Because as with every zombie look, the same applies here: rotten, ramshackle, rancid.

Back To The 80’s
Do you know "Stranger Things"? In this cult series an inseparable teenage clique fights against eerie beasts from another dimension. Well, this is the perfect material for the next Halloween party! Whether brightly colored shirts, wildly patterned shirts with suspenders or sailor uniforms, weird outfits in 80’s style are always well received.

Scarecrows and Pumpkins
The two never boring Halloween classics: scarecrows and pumpkins. These are the symbols of autumn – and are just as much fun as these autumn slots. The great thing about these costumes is that you can make them super fast. Just tear up some old clothes and dirty them with coffee and soil. The perfect creepy outfit is almost ready. All that’s missing is an old, broken straw hat. Or you mess up your hair and use a little straw. Maybe you can even find a black crow somewhere – but of course a dummy.

Pumpkins are a traditional part of every Halloween celebration. You can easily put make-up on your face. They don’t have to be scary, sweet and funny works just as well.

Pennywise, the Horror Clown
Pennywise is the famous clown from the horror classic "ES". And he is also very trendy this year. Combine a clown costume with a scary horror clown mask. Or you can put on make-up and alternatively use fake blood to achieve the creepy effect. Your Halloween disguise isn’t finished yet. Because the obligatory red balloon is a must.

The slightly Different Zombie: a Banana
Zombie in a different way! Disguise yourself as an attempted banana from the organic waste. Sounds totally weird? It is, but what is normal. Just this much: Next time think twice about throwing away fruit just like that. Because it could take revenge!

Voodoo in Your Living Room
If you hear voodoo, you automatically get goose bumps. Needles, a doll and the sadistic ulterior motive of wanting to inflict pain on other people: This is the perfect combination for a spooky Halloween. But voodoo is not just randomly poking a doll. It is a true mixed religion that originally developed in West Africa and is still at home in Creole societies in the Atlantic region and especially in Haiti. So make sure you get extra originality points with a voodoo costume.

Costume 10: Mummy
A mummy must not be missing at the festival of the undead. Simply wrap it with gauze bandages and off you go!

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