The perfect Halloween pumpkin

General October 9, 2020 11:36 am

When nasty orange grimaces smile at you at every front door, you know: Halloween is just around the corner. The thick pumpkin faces are the most famous symbols of this scary and beautiful time. We at Wunderino love autumn and want to prepare you for all occasions. We give you tips on how to carve the perfect face into a pumpkin. But that of course takes some practice. When you’ve had enough of carving pumpkins, we’ll introduce you to two more slots that you should definitely try at this time of year.

The perfect Halloween pumpkin
In order to carve the perfect pumpkin face, you must first hollow out the pumpkin. To do this, cut a slice of the pumpkin on the stem so that you have a lid. Now grab a spoon and scrape out the flesh and the pumpkin seeds. Once your pumpkin is hollow, the carving fun can begin. You can let your creativity run wild and give the pumpkin a scary face. A little tip from us: First, paint the pumpkin’s face on it with a pen. That way you can cut very precisely. As soon as your pumpkin has a scary face, you can put a nice tea light inside it. It will immediately get bright eyes and look wonderfully scary.

Pumpkin carving is easy and fun at the same time. Nevertheless, you always have to stay very concentrated. When you finally get tired of carving, we have an alternative for you: Our autumn and Halloween slots. Find a cozy corner where you can retreat, naturally snuggled up in a warm fluffy blanket. The warm tea light in the pumpkin now provides the right atmosphere for our two tips.

Pumpkin Smash
It starts horribly. With Pumpkin Smash, you go hunting for the pumpkin. He is your bonus symbol and can bring you a lot of luck. The slot is set in a Mexican graveyard where you can find skulls as well as pumpkins. They were colorfully painted on the occasion of the Day of the Dead, which is celebrated in Mexico. There is no other slot where you can feel the eerie Halloween atmosphere as intensely as in this one. As soon as two or more pumpkins appear on the reels, they are smashed and a prize is revealed. You can win up to 32 free spins or, if you’re very lucky, instant prizes in the form of coins. With such great winning opportunities, this slot is even more fun. Your very own personal Halloween party at Wunderino can start!

Vikings go Berzerk
At Vikings go Berzerk you will go out on the high seas on a Viking ship. This slot is not like any other as it has many extra features for you. You have to fight against the Vikings. Every time you win, they get angry and their anger level rises. And if one of the Vikings gets completely fed up, seven free spins with that Viking are unlocked in Berserker mode. Also look around for the treasure chest. It always lands on the fifth reel and contains five prizes, one of which you may choose. Are you ready for a wild ride on the Viking ship? Then let’s go.

With Wunderino you are now well prepared for the autumn season with your self-carved pumpkin and our slots. Our additional tip: Also take a look at the slot God of Halloween, because it is also wonderfully scary. Enjoy our regular free spins and bunuses not only on your sofa at home, but wherever you want to with the Wunderino app whith which you will never have to miss out on your virtual gaming fun again.