How to develop your own online slot!

General August 24, 2020 4:00 pm

How is an Online Slot being created? One thing is clear: not as easy as it looks. In fact it is quite complex and time-consuming to create the colorful adventure worlds. We at Wunderino give you an insight into the workshop of casino games. Learn more about the creation of our adventure worlds. And find out how an online slot is being developed.

Online casinos are trendy – a time travel

The history of the slots goes back to the last century. Already in the 80s the first slot machines moved into the living rooms. At that time however not yet as the classic online casino as you know it today. Smaller computer games like Poker or Majong started being played. They are considered as being the pioneers of slots.

Over the years game manufacturers such as Atari with the classic game RollerCoaster Tycoon gained more and more importance. Computer games became real crowd pullers. In the late 90’s when the Internet became popular the idea of using real money to play came up – the origin of the online casino. After that everything happened very quickly: more and more digital slot machines sprang up and the trend clearly moved towards online slots.

The best known manufacturers in the casino industry are Microgaming, Playtech and NetEnt. Microgaming is one of the oldest names in the world of online slots. With around 800 titles the company has the largest selection of games. Crazy, isn’t it? Among their games are some well-known classics such as Mega Moolah, African Quest or Candy Dreams.

The largest software producer for online games is Playtech. Besides the popular slots they offer online poker and even sports betting. These are also very popular with us. Come and enjoy this thrill in our sports betting world! We at Wunderino always guarantee you fun playing!

Last but not least there is NetEnt, the most modern slot machine producer of all. NetEnt is one of the pioneers of no-download games. This has made online gaming much easier especially on mobile devices.

How are online slots developed? From the concept to the finished game

As said before, online slots sometimes look very simple but they are not. Creating those colorful worlds of adventure in many cases takes a lot of time – even up to one year. The reason for this is the high demands on the digital slot machines. Every online slot is unique. In addition the online casino industry is changing rapidly. The games must be adapted to the new requirements constantly. Only a few years agoa casino player had to sit down at a computer in order to play online. These times are over. Now you simply take your smartphone out of your pocket, open Wunderino via the browser and play merrily – no matter when or where.

Many people work at an online slot machine. The team includes a game designer, a mathematician, a server developer, one to three web developers, a project manager, a creative team of one or two people and a configurator. Depending on how complex the design is sometimes even specialized graphic designers are required. They visualize special worlds or characters that make a casino game so unique.

Although every online slot is different its inner workings often consist of an already prefabricated machine system. This saves the entire team unnecessary research and development work.

The way to the online slot. This is how it works!

At the beginning of every casino game is the concept. Many creative minds, marketing specialists, product managers and developers get together and work out initial approaches. Afterwards the team collects marketing statistics, demographics and other existing data. All this is worked out to a concrete idea. The next step is if there are already similar games on the market. Having checked all of this the actual development of the online slot begins.

The challenge here is to present something new in a way that makes it interesting for the player, i.e. for you. You want to design a slot now? Imagine this initial situation: you want to develop not just any online game but a slot machine with a world landmark. How to start? You look for games that are similar, for instance for a slot with pyramids. So the topic already exists. Now you as a game designer have to think of how to make your slot look similar but not the same. Instead of the pyramids you could use modern landmarks like the Empire State Building to create a niche for your slot.

The topic is clear now but before the developers start implementing the idea, the graphics team has to take action. Color palette, fonts or the tone – the creative team has to coordinate every little detail in advance. Next step is the technical implementation.

Once the slot is ready the fun begins! Never forget to play responsively! Click here to visit our Wunderino adventure worlds. In our online casino you can expect regular bonuses and free spins! And for on the go there is the Wunderino App!