The Casinos of the Native Americans

General August 10, 2020 11:42 am

The Casinos of the Native Americans

Did you always think that the casinos in Las Vegas are the biggest and most extraordinary in the world? Unfortunately, we have to tell you, that’s an mistaken belief. The so-called Native American Gaming eclipse everything. What it is about those casinos and why they are so special? we will now explain in detail.

The tax law of the Native Americans

The term North American Indians has long since ceased to be used in the US. Today, the term Native Americans is more commonly used to describe the indigenous people of the United States. In total, there are 562 groups of Native Americans in the US. They are divided among all states and have their own reservations. In these reservations the Native Americans do not pay taxes. Players who come from out of town do pay taxes on gambling income. So it is not quite that paradisiacal as it seems.

The differences to normal casinos

In terms of taxes, the casinos of the Native Americans are very different from normal casinos. Another important difference is the income of those casinos. These are used for charitable purposes. And that means a lot, because the casinos often earn much better than regular gambling venues. Should you ever play there, you can be sure that your money is well invested. This makes the possible loss a bit more bearable.

In addition, the casinos of the Native Americans are much larger. They are just huge and even surpass casinos you know from Las Vegas. Why the casinos are so big is mainly because the indigenous groups have a lot of free space in their reservations. Real palaces are built there.

The most famous Native American Casinos

Two casinos of Native Americans are among the five largest casinos in the US. One of them is the WinStar World Casino & Resort Thackerville in Oklahoma. This casino houses over 8,500 electronic games and a poker room with 55 tables. Similarly large is the Foxwoods Resort Casino Mashantucket in Connecticut. The facility houses a total of six casinos with 250 gaming tables for Blackjack, Craps, Roulette or even Poker. You will also find over 5,500 slot machines. Just imagine this selection of games. For a lover like you this is surely a dream.


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