Jurassic Casino – The best dinosaur slots

General August 3, 2020 3:23 pm

Today, it’s getting wild at Wunderino. Due to the Day of the Dinosaur everything’s about these extinct animal species at Wunderino. Do you also find dinos so exciting? We are real dinosaur fans and can’t get enough of these fascinating creatures. Of course this is also reflected in the selection of our games. That’s why you’ll find a whole lot of dinosaur slots in our shop. Our favorites we present to you today.

The day of the dinosaurs

In the USA, Dinosaur Day is celebrated today, on August 2. Alone The Jurassic Park films shows how popular these animals, which became are, which extinct 65 million years ago. Today, dinosaur fans all over the world dig for ancient dinosaur bones and rummage through books to learn even more about these fascinating creatures. There is a tremendous amount we don’t know about them yet. Imagine that dinosaurs would still exist today! Wouldn’t that be incredible? We think that dinosaurs more than deserve this day. Be excited, because the following slots will bring the dinosaurs to life. Are you ready?

Jurassic Park

Honestly, you must have seen all parts of Jurassic Park! The dinosaur animations in the movies are unique and incredibly realistic. We took that as a role model and designed the slots accordingly as we would like to bring the dinosaurs to your home. The Jurassic Park slot is ideal for that. On five reels and three rows, you play your way through the thicket of the jungle. Dangerous dinosaurs lurk around every corner. On the reels are the faces of the characters from the movie Jurassic Park. They will defend you against the dangerous Tyrannosaurus waiting for your next turn. Be careful, because the most important rule in this game is: Don’t get eaten up!

Dino Odyssey

With "Dino Odyssey" you get to see a whole new side of the dinosaurs. You’ll see dinosaurs waiting for you in this game that you’ve probably never seen – even in Jurassic Park. Look at the extraordinary colors of these animals that will amaze you. Look for the orange symbols to turn reels 2, 3, and 4 into wild ones. If you discover a dinosaur egg, it’s a good sign for you because it unlocks an extra reel. The green symbols are also a good sign for you, because you can use them to play bonus games. The symbols you need are not so easy to find, however, because they are also hidden in a dark jungle in this slot. What should we say? Dinosaurs just love tropical environments. You too?


Hunt the dinosaurs at "Spinosaurus" and get to know their claw prints. On the five reels and three rows, dangerous creatures hide behind every bush and tree. But they are not only found on the ground. A look in the air won’t do any harm in this game, as you can discover the pterodactyl as a wild symbol. You understand only station? The dino with the unpronounceable name is a flying dinosaur with claws on its wings. It’s hard to imagine, so you should take a look at this dinosaur during a game round. The 20 paylines give you a chance to win big on this game, too.


Finally, we at Wunderino have just a little tip for you: Watch out for the wild dinosaurs. Pick a slot and celebrate Dinosaur Day with your favorite dinosaur slot. Easily and quickly accessible, you can go hunting for dinos from home at Wunderino‘s Online Casino. There you can expect not only animal fun, but also regular free spins and bonuses. For on the road there is our Wunderino App. Click here to visit our website.