You must have played in these casinos!

General July 24, 2020 1:09 pm

Through the film Ocean’s Eleven, the impressive water fountains of the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas have become famous among other things. For many casino fans, the luxury hotel with its own casino is symbolic of the Mecca of gambling. Every year thousands of casino disciples make the pilgrimage to Las Vegas to enjoy gambling to the fullest. But did you know that there are other impressive casinos that are in no way inferior to Las Vegas? No? Then you’ve come to the right place, because we at Wunderino introduce you to the most spectacular casinos where you should definitely have played.

Macau – Asia’s gambling mecca:

In Asia a true El Dorado of gambling awaits you. Macau, an autonomous region on the southeast coast of China, is one of the most impressive casino regions there is. The Chinese casino paradise can confidently compete with its rivals in Nevada. There is even a replica of The Veneto Resort in Las Vegas, which is also called something similar: The Veneto Macao. The complex includes 800 gaming tables and about 3400 slot machines. As in Las Vegas, the resort has the famous Rialto Bridge including the gondolas. Only one detail distinguishes it: the size. The Chinese casino resort is much larger than the American version.

Another highlight of the Chinese casino paradise is the City of Dreams Resort, a casino complex built under water. Only a glass wall separates you here from the magical underwater inhabitants. We at Wunderino think Macau is a great insider tip for casino fans who want to get to know an alternative to Las Vegas.

Atlantis Paradise Island – A casino under palm trees:

Palm trees, turquoise water and slot machines. What sounds like a dream of gambling is a living reality in our next casino tip. On Atlantis Paradise Island, an island in the Bahamas, you will find the largest hotel in the Caribbean with its own casino. At the island casino you will find everything your player’s heart desires at 85 gaming tables. Of course, we don’t want to withhold from you what makes the Insel-Casino so special: numerous glass tunnels through which you can admire the underwater world await you. That sounds like a dream come true, doesn’t it? But that’s not all. The resort has a Mayan temple with gigantic water slides that invite you to plunge into the cool water. There the refreshing cooling down after a hot gambling adventure is guaranteed.

Casino Monte Carlo: gaming pleasure in a noble ambience:

Casinos in exotic settings are a great experience, but you are one of those gamblers who would like to enjoy the game in an exclusive setting? Then the Casino in Monte Carlo is your dream destination. Because it is precisely here, where the rich and beautiful indulge in gambling, that gambling is at its best.
The casino was founded in 1854 and was intended to provide the state on the Mediterranean with more income. What is a top destination for tourists is unfortunately denied to the Monegasques. The head of the state wants to prevent the inhabitants of the royal coastal town from risking their possessions.

On the trail of happiness in Northern Cyprus:

Between Europe and Africa lies another casino mecca: Cyprus. Europe’s Eldorado for casino lovers has 23 different gaming temples and offers and above all luxury in abundance. Are you attracted by an island holiday in combination with lots of opportunities for gambling? Then Northern Cyprus is the right choice. Within three hours flight time you are in the European gambling hotspot.

Our summary:

Gambling tables, surrounded by underwater worlds, fantastic islands or fascinating luxury in the world of the rich and beautiful – beautiful casinos can be found all over the world and have their own character. Which venue is your favourite remains your decision. We at Wunderino hope that you now have a good overview of the internationally most spectacular casinos. However, if you prefer to enjoy your individual casino flair and do not like to travel, then we would like to recommend our gaming platform to you. Easy and fast to reach, you can indulge in the gaming pleasure from home, with your Wunderino Online Casino where regular free spins and bonuses are waiting for you. On the go? Use our Wunderino app. Click here to visit our website.