A short introduction into Slot Games

General June 19, 2020 2:28 pm

They are found in pubs, casinos and online. I’m talking about slot games. With their colourful flickering lights and loud beeping, slots cast captive so many people. But especially newcomers to the gaming cosmos wonder before the game begins what is meant by terms like "scatter", "wild" and "coins". You’re one of them too? Alright. We at Wunderino would like to introduce you to the world of slot games.


Slots offer excitement, fun and a wide range of storylines. And as different as they are, they all have one thing in common – the pay lines.There’s no way around it. As the number of paylines on a slot machine determines your chances of winning. A classic slot has 20 to 25 slots, some up to a thousand paylines.

Coins and coin values

Not only in real life coins play a role, also in the game cosmos. Because you use coins when you want to place your bets in the game. Each bet per line equals the amount of your spin, which is also called spin by game fans. The coin value determines the amount of your bet and how much you will be paid out in the end. The higher the coin value, the higher your win. It is best to remember this rule for your first game.


Not only in the financial sector, volatility indicates the fluctuations of a value. You should also pay attention to it in the world of slot games. Because it stands for your chances of winning and the winning amount. It’s best to remember: the lower the volatility, the higher your chances of winning. However, the profits are also smaller here due to the lower risk. But the opposite is true: The higher the volatility, the less chance you have of making a profit. But your profit can be the higher. You can find out how high the volatility is in a review, a summary of the hard facts of the game, which you can also find on our Wunderino page. It is best to read these before you start a game.

Return to Player (RTP)

The term return-to-player or RTP stands for the percentage of the stakes that a slot pays back to the players. Let’s assume the RTP is 92 percent on your game: Then, if you bet 100 Euros during the course of the game, you will be paid back 92 Euros. Not bad, huh? The RTP for games is usually between 90 percent and 98 percent. The lower the RTP, the less the machine pays you back. So less goes back to the player.

Free spins( Free spins)

Getting the stake back is a great thing. So are free spins. In slot games, these free spins become free spins as well. How you trigger them? It’s very simple. With three or more scatters. How you get these? You’ll find out in the next item.

Scatter symbols

Are you curious about Scatter? Scatters are sometimes the most important symbols that are used in slot games. Because if you have three of them in your row, you can use them to trigger free spins or bonus rounds. In some games there are also other features, such as the re-spins.


Similar to Free Spins, Re-Spins allow you to spin one or more bonus rounds. And here are additional attractive prizes for you. For example, when you see a certain symbol in your rows, a new bonus round begins. Caution: the symbol that triggers the Respin is not identical to the Scatter.

Wild symbols

You just don’t want to take bonus rounds, but also to take winnings? Then you should pay attention to the wild symbols. Wild symbols, also known as wild, work like wild cards: they replace any adjacent symbol and your chances of winning are increased many times over. For example, if you get four identical symbols and one wild symbol on the five reels of your slot machine, you’re lucky. Because then you’ve hit a payline and you win a prize.

Stacked Wilds

If you like gaming already, you’re gonna love stacked game. Because they’re the king of the game In this feature, the Wilds are stacked on top of each other and cover a whole roll vertically. This turns multiple symbols on one or more reels into wild. What does this mean for you? You have even more chances to score big.

Sticky Wilds and Shifting Wilds

But that was not all. There are a few other wild features that we would like to share with you. Two other wild symbols that might be of interest to you are the Sticky Wilds and the Shifting Wilds.
Sticky Wilds stay on your reels for several rounds, increasing your chances of winning. Shifting Wilds, on the other hand, shift with each spin on your reels. For example, if you see a wild in the third row, you might find it in the fifth row on the next spin. Whether it’s Sticky Wilds or Shifting Wilds, both give you a better chance of winning.

Expanding Wilds

If you still can’t get enough of Wilds, then you’ve come to the right place. Because the Expanding Wild is also a very lucrative feature. This symbol spreads over the entire roll. You read it right: over the entire roll. In short, it means that a whole reel becomes wild and your chances of winning are skyrocketing. Not bad, huh? But now enough about the Wilds, there are two more terms you should know.

Progressive Jackpots

Especially in online casinos, the Progressive Jackpot enjoys great popularity among gamblers. Because it lures, as the name suggests, with growing jackpots. How is that possible? Slots that are equipped with a Progressive Jackpot are linked to several casinos – and the more players play, the higher the jackpot. Are you curious? Then why not try your luck? We at Wunderino would like to take this opportunity to warmly recommend the Game Genius of Leonardo. This game about the artistic genius offers lots of thrills, puzzles and of course the popular progressive jackpots. Interested? This way, please!

Our review

Paylines, Return-to-Player, Wilds: The terms of the game cosmos are not necessarily obvious to greenhorns at first glance. We hope that we were able to help you with our explanations and bring you closer to the world of slots. Curious about how slot games work in practice? Then give it a try right now on the Online Casino: Click here to visit our Wunderino gaming cosmos. Regular bonuses and free spins are awaiting you! On the go? Use our Wunderino app.