When is the best time to play slots?

General June 8, 2020 1:41 pm

Is there a best time to play slots and if so, when is it? This is a question that probably every Casino enthusiast has asked himself at some point. There are many different theories and myths circulating on the Internet. In today’s blog we want to finally bring some clarity to the subject. So if you want to know if there is anything to the whole thing at all and how you can use the time possibly to your own advantage, then you must absolutely read on.

The early bird gets the worm – or not?

Some casino players swear that they can get the biggest winnings on Sunday morning. The theory behind this is that casinos have a particularly high turnover on Saturday night, so the slots are just waiting to pay out big winnings the "morning after". Other players are adamant that the night time is particularly profitable because there are hardly any other players active on the slots. Some players, however, are convinced of the exact opposite. You can already see that opinions differ widely here. And honestly, there’s not much truth to these theories. After all, the RTP of a slot remains the same at all times. This also means that your chances of winning remain the same at any time of day. But you don’t have to be disappointed, you can look at it positively. You can simply play whenever you feel like it! Fun and excitement should always be in the foreground when you visit the online casino. As you have now learned, there is no reason at all to be overtired, bad-tempered or under pressure to play slots at any particular time. Only play when you really feel like it, then you won’t have to wait long for the big wins!

Your individual gambling budget

One thing is already certain: there are no guaranteed profits at any time. That’s why you should determine your personal gambling budget before every game. This should be a sum that, in the worst case, you can lose completely to the slot without getting into financial difficulties. You should never exceed your budget, no matter how much fun you are having while playing. Once you have reached your game budget, you should never try to win back your losses with additional bets. Try your luck again some other time. Fortunately Wunderino won’t run away from you, we promise!

The Casino Happy Hour

Happy hour always sounds good, right? Some online casinos actually offer so-called happy hours, where you can benefit from special bonus offers or slot tournaments. Wunderino of course has a lot to offer. In our current Happy Hour Season there is always something special to discover. With exciting daily offers and free game raffles, there is guaranteed to be no time for boredom. Our daily tournaments promise pure thrills and with a little luck you can win sensational prizes. Our Happy Hour free spins are also on the programme every day. Every hour from 17:00 to 22:59 you can enjoy a brand new offer and you will receive beloved free spins on your deposits. It gets even better: With our daily free spins raffle we make the Wunderino Happy Hours even more exciting. A total of 10,000 free spins are raffled off to 200 lucky players every day. You can’t miss that!


When it comes to progressive jackpot slots like Mega Moolah, you naturally want to win as much as possible, right? If a jackpot has not been won for a long time and is therefore particularly high, the jackpot win is often only a matter of time. You can use this as a time guide, but it is still not possible to make any exact predictions. The actual time at which the jackpot is won is ultimately completely random and not based on a specific time or date. In the end, the goddess of luck and destiny, Fortuna, decides here as well.

Our résumé

A really best time to play slots simply does not exist. In the end, it is just that the random generators of the slots with their algorithms provide unpredictable results. But that’s exactly what makes gambling so exciting and without the necessary thrill it would only be half as nice. So the best time to play is always exactly when you have the greatest desire and you enjoy it the most. And let’s be honest, actually it’s always a good time to visit your favorite casino Wunderino. We are open at any time of day or night and always welcome you with open arms. But if you want to take advantage of all the benefits, you should definitely stop by at our Happy Hour. Here you can regularly win free spins and bonuses. We are looking forward to you!