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General June 5, 2020 12:09 pm

Loved and adored: Stars and starlets delight the masses. Not a few just adore celebrities. How would it be if you could at least virtually get up close and personal with these dazzling celebrities? We at Wunderino show you the three best slots in this unique category that can make this possible: the Marilyn Monroe slot, the Elvis – the King lives slot, and the James Dean Slot. Curious? Then you are in the right place.

1. With the James Dean Slot on the tracks of the film legend

"Young, wild and reckless", these attributes describe without a doubt the US-American actor James Dean, who died tragically at the tender age of 27 in 1955. The star of the 1950s became famous with the film "Rebel without a cause". The game operator NextGen Gaming has dedicated the James Dean slot to the audacious star.
Even the entry into the game is dynamic. Loud Rock ‘n’ Roll music opens the five reels and three rows of this slot game – there are 25 paylines in total. Various symbols spin on the reels, including dark pilot’s glasses, a film reel and a light blue sports car. Of course, movie legend James Dean also appears on your reels.

With the star of the Walk of Fame you can spin for free

The game developer has taken special care with the slot to show the different facets of James Dean. You can see young James in various outfits. For example, if the rebel appears on three reels side by side with a wide buttoned denim shirt on a blue background, you’ll get the wild symbol and trigger winning combinations or re-spins. This means you can spin a few rounds on the house or increase your chances of winning. Another symbol shows the movie star in a red sweater. It flashes a few times during your rounds. What are you getting out of it? The symbol triggers the James Dean-Pick-bonus. A round where you can win 750 times your bet. If you bet 10 Euros, you would win 7,500 Euros. Pretty casual, huh?

The star of the Walk of Fame gives you up to 10 Free Spins

But that was not all of it. Although James died early, he even got a star on the Walk of Fame posthumously. This also appears in the slot and benefits you. Because as soon as it flashes three times in the game, you’ve got a scatter. And that means: up to 10 Free Spins are in for you. Another plus: your winnings double during the Free Spins. Are you especially happy about this feature and do you enjoy spinning your Free Spins? Then you should remember the symbol of the film flap. It will take you to the Legend Spins, which will increase your winnings by a factor of 5.

Are you excited about the game?

Whether it’s a speedy joyride in a sports car or a visit to the Walk of Fame. With the slot you get very close to the movie legend, Free Spins included. Sounds tempting, doesn’t it? Then just try out the slot. We at Wunderino are blown away.

Marilyn Monroe Slot

Blonde bob hairstyle, a lascivious look and a striking beauty mark on the cheek: these were the trademarks of actress Marilyn Monroe. With films such as "Some like it hot" or "The seven year itch", the lascivious blonde became an icon of the 1950s – and the legend continues to thrill the masses with the classics to this day. Why shouldn’t this also apply to slots? For this reason, the game operator Playtech has dedicated a tribute to the legend.

"Welcome" – this is how Marilyn greets you at the beginning of the slot in front of the entrance of a club in New York. The bright lights of the music club illuminate the dark background of the skyscraper landscape. Shortly afterwards, the slot’s five reels, three rows and twenty paylines appear. Other symbols appear as well, including a 1950s movie projector, various magazines with the starlet on the cover, and Marilyn’s star from the Walk of Fame. During the course of the game, the blonde often crosses your path: in a red evening gown on a white background. You probably know the white outfit from the famous shot where the star is standing on a ventilation shaft while the fan of the ventilation shaft makes the dress swing upwards.

With five wild symbols you can win up to 10,000 coins

You can be especially happy when Miss Monroe appears in a laughing pose with the red letters "Wild". Because then you have discovered the wild symbol. It replaces all other symbols and multiplies your chances of winning by two. And when two wild symbols stack up, the rows spread out. Voila, in front of you stands the actress in a white dress. It’s quite impressive how the star makes a good figure even in the slot! The big prize beckons you with five wild symbols: a whopping 10,000 coins. Unbelievable! Marilyn not only enchants her fans, she also gives them high chances of winning.

The bonus round gives you lots of Free Spins

Of course there are also free rounds in the game. You will get the benefit of three scatters with the neon writing "Marilyn Monroe". The great thing is that you activate the bonus round with them and increase your stake. The feature is particularly unusual. Because here you have an insight into the wardrobe of the film diva: a dressing table with a large mirror to which small round light bulbs are attached. Creams, make-up brushes and a red lipstick are on the table. It looks as if the actress had just been sitting at it to get ready for her next appearance. Five Polaroid pictures of the diva are stuck on the mirror, which hold an incredible feature. If you click on one of the photos, you activate different Free Spins. There are at least ten Free Spins for you – the maximum is 45 rounds.

You are only one click away from the game

Wow, the Marilyn Monroe slot has cast a spell on us. Great prizes and Free Spins galore. And the various impressive features with the legend. What more could you want? You like celebrities from the old days. Then maybe the Nicola Tesla’s Incredible Machine slot is for you. There are also great prizes and features to offer. Curious? Click here for the game.

3. Elvis, the king of Rock ‘n’ Roll lives on in the slot

Screaming girls and horrified parents: Elvis Presley, also known as the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll splits the generations. For some an object of desire, for others a danger to morality. By now he probably belongs more to the classics of music history. The game developer WMS-Gaming has released a game about the legend: Elvis – the King lives.

The slot shows a jukebox from the 1950s. Next to it, the five reels, twelve rows and 60 paylines are lined up. The reels on the far left have four rows, while the reels on the far right have five symbols. The symbols include a purple teddy bear, a dachshund with a cylinder, the letters Q, J, K, A and the slots’ main protagonist, Elvis Presley. The start is easy even for beginners: with a bet of 0.50 Euro you are already in the game – the maximum bet is 200 Euro. With the aforementioned letters you can make smaller profits. Really lucrative is the symbol on which Elvis in a denim shirt poses in front of the red letters "Elvis". If you have five of them, you replace all other symbols in your rows. Also, the chances of winning are much higher. So keep your eyes open for this symbol!

Elvis’ record gives you Free Spins

You don’t just like big wins, you like Free Spins? Then you will love the record symbol. In red letters Elvis’ name adorns a record and invites you to five Free Spins as soon as it is lined up four times next to each other. A special feature: If the vinyl appears four times next to each other in the rows on the left and three times on the right, the slot gives you 20 Free Spins. Wow! This slot makes us really dizzy!

With the Elvis Presley Bonus Feature you can win up to 20.000 Euro

If you think that’s it, you’re wrong. Another special game worth mentioning is the Elvis – The King Lives bonus game: This feature is about lighting up the "Elvis-lives" sign that appears above the reel set. If you succeed, you will get 2,000 times your stake. It’s not that easy, but it’s worth it. If you bet 10 Euros, you would get 20,000 Euros. Incredible, isn’t it?

You are excited to get started?

Free spins, bonuses and some Rock ‘n’ Roll – that’s what this top-class slot offers. We at Wunderino are thrilled and can’t wait to get the reels moving again. Your fingers are itching too? You are only one click away. Have fun with Elvis – The King lives Slot.

In conclusion

These slots are a lot of fun, because they bring us closer to our beloved stars of the past decades. In addition, these games give us an exclusive look behind the scenes. In any case, we at Wunderino are already in celebrity slot fever. What about you? The world of celebrities is not far away – regular bonuses and free spins are waiting for you. This is the way, to your online casino. By the way: Wunderino is also available as To-Go, with the Wunderino App.