Lucky charm: The frog

General June 3, 2020 1:25 pm

In China, for example, they are considered to be real lucky charms. Frogs live near water and since water is a symbol of prosperity in China, frogs are also a sign of wealth and money blessing. There is hardly a shop in China that does not have a small frog figure with a coin in its mouth. Very important: The coin must never be removed from the frog’s mouth! It brings bad luck and poverty. According to the Chinese Feng Shui teachings, a frog figure should be placed in the entrance of a house with its face towards the door. In this way he can catch the luck that comes in the door with his mouth.

In Australia the small animals also bring good luck. The Aborigines, the natives of Australia, use the frogs for drinking water. No kidding! You’re probably wondering how that works? It’s quite simple: The Aborigines catch the animals and carefully press their finger on the frog’s back. The frog then spits out a small stream of water which the Aborigines drink. Then they release the frog, unharmed of course, back to freedom. Now you know the secret and you know how to survive in the forest if necessary.

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