The World Play Day on May 28th

General May 29, 2020 7:20 am

It is well known, one is never too old to play. The way you play simply changes in the course of your life. Now it’s no longer dolls or toy cars that excite you, but gambling, like here at Wunderino. Every year on May 28th the World Games Day takes place. In every country in the world people celebrate this extraordinary day with great activities. So that you can shine a little bit with your knowledge, we at Wunderino give away some exciting information about the World Play Day.

This is how World Play Day came about

What kind of a clever mind had the idea for this wonderful day?
The story of its creation begins in 1996, more than twenty years ago. This year the 7th conference of the International Toy Library Association (ITLA) took place in Switzerland. The ITLA is an international organisation of toy libraries and toy collections. At this time, a woman named Dr. Freda Kim first expressed the wish for a World Toy Day. It’s best to put on your horn glasses, because now it’s going to be legal: According to Article 31 of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, children have the right to rest, play and leisure. In many countries children have to work to support their families and therefore do not have the opportunity to play regularly. But this is exactly what Dr. Freda Kim was very concerned about. She wanted the children to have at least one day a year dedicated entirely to playing. The idea was then put into practice three years later at the 8th ITLA conference in Tokyo. Since then, the official World Games Day has been on 28 May. Why this day falls exactly on 28 May is easy to explain. The Toy Library Association was founded in 1987 on that very day at the Toy Library Conference.

The World Play Day in Germany

Every year on May 28th, numerous great events take place throughout Germany. Maybe you have been at one of them or at least heard about it. The Deutsche Kinderhilfswerk e.V. found this action so great that in 2008 the initiative "Recht auf Spiel" was founded. Since then, the initiative has been supporting and coordinating the World Game Day with a variety of activities. Even UNESCO or children’s TV channels support the initiative "Right to Play". The children’s charity can now count on the support of around 200 partners. Around 300 activities are taking place throughout Germany and the children’s fun is guaranteed. This is really quite a lot and also shows how important this day is for Germany and the children. Even in neighbouring countries such as Switzerland or Austria, there are activities taking place on World Play Day.

This is the motto of the World Play Day this year

May 28th takes place every year under a different motto. This year the motto is "Out into nature!". Many children today play mainly indoors. As a child you probably climbed trees and played hide and seek with your friends outside. Children do this less and less nowadays. In kindergartens and schools the teachers and educators prepare great activities for the children every year. This year they will probably all take place outside. For the very creative ones there was even a photo contest where you could submit beautiful pictures of nature.

Why people need the game

Now a little digression. Why is playing so important and even belongs to the conventions of child rights? There is a good reason for that. Playing is not just playing, it is essentially important for people. Humans can only develop their abilities by playing. Perception, motor skills and intelligence are only acquired through playing in childhood.
But quite apart from that: playing is simply a wonderful distraction from the sometimes very boring everyday life and is not only important for children. You probably also know the feeling when a game captivates you and you forget everything around you for a moment. You will come up with completely new and inspiring ideas when your head is completely free from all the stress of everyday life. But who do we actually tell? Of course you know this incredible feeling.


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