From the winners of the Easter season to the Happy Hour

General May 15, 2020 9:18 am

The chocolate bunnies have been fed away, all hidden Easter eggs have been found and with that the Easter season of Wunderino ended on April 30th. What’s missing now? Of course the announcement of the incredible winners. Nobody wants to wait long for the next season so we have the next surprise waiting for you.

Easter season: These are the winners
This is how the Easter season ended: Every day there was a new challenge you had to face. The prizes were free spins and Easter eggs. But that was not all, of course. In every Easter egg there was a lottery ticket hidden. In a raffle, ten lucky players were drawn every week. The prize doubled from week to week. In total we raffled off 31,000 euros to all the players. And now they’ve been determined: The winners of the main prize. A big drum roll for our top 3: First place goes to H.T. from Germany with an amazing 300 free spins and 29 eggs. Second place goes to H.T. from Austria with 200 free spins and 29 eggs. Both collected the same amount of eggs, so the prize pot was split between them. The third place went to K.N. from Japan with 100 free spins and 28 eggs.

Congratulations to all winners of the Easter season. We will be happy if you try your luck again next year at Easter. But of course you don’t have to wait that long, because we have the next great special for you.

The Happy hour at Wunderino
The days are getting longer, the mood is improving and we are moving towards summer with big steps. Especially after work, the attitude towards life is particularly light and the mind is cheerful.

Participate in our Happy hour season with the chance to win the 50.000 Euro cash prize. Face different challenges, work your way up from level to level and get free spins. In the end, with a lot of luck, you can win! We at Wunderino would also like to sweeten your evening and we have a very special offer every day this Season. How does it work exactly? Every hour from 5pm to 10pm you will have a free spins deposit offer available to make use of. Simply deposit the minimum required amount in order to claim the spins. According to the motto: A new day, a new theme you won’t be bored. Get ready for the dense jungle, the deep sea or the Wild West.

We at Wunderino are happy if you try your luck in your favorite online casino.