Las Vegas – the Mecca of gambling

General April 24, 2020 9:22 am

Bright neon lettering, dazzling personalities, and casinos – these things shape the image of Las Vegas. In search of wild nights and millions in winnings, people regularly make pilgrimages to the Mecca of gambling. Are you, too, fascinated by this city in the US state of Nevada? Then you are in the right place. Because we at Wunderino now present to you the best slot games that are guaranteed to bring a certain Las Vegas flair to your home. Ready?

First Viva las Vegas: Dive into a world of glamour and pomp

Showgirls in sequined evening gowns, croupiers in fine twine, and live performances by Elvis Presleys Doubles.his is how many Las Vegas casinos are depicted in Hollywood movies. Have you been dreaming for a long time about getting in touch with the rich and beautiful and, on the side, winning the big money? Congratulations! At Slot Viva las Vegas you have the opportunity to do so – from the comfort of your living room. With five reels, four lines, and 25 paylines, Red Rake Gaming’s slot has some surprises in store for you. And all that with a bet of just 0.20 Euro. Incredible! This will especially please the reserved gamers. If you belong to the daring gamblers, you can also bet up to 50 Euros. Important, Iif you want to place a bet on a certain line, you have to convert it into a single coin. In total, you can bet a maximum of 100 Euros.

The Las Vegas symbol increases your chances of winning lines

Let us now dive into the gaming world of Viva Las Vegas. At the beginning of the game, elegant dancers and show music from the 60s welcomes you. So the game is for all those who like the flair of past revues. The aesthetics of the 60s is a characteristic feature of the entire course of play in Viva Las Vegas. Showgirls appear again and again on your reels – whether in a green sequined evening gown with feather boas or in a blue elegant cocktail dress. The other symbols of the slot also remind you of dazzling casino shows. For example, the famous Bellagio Hotel with its water fountain – you probably know this from the film series "Ocean’s Eleven". There are also card symbols such as the heart, spades, diamonds, and clubs. With them you will slowly but surely achieve small profits. Not bad for a start, right? That’s not enough for you? Bigger winnings beckon when the glowing Viva Las Vegas symbol flashes across your rows. As a wild symbol, it works like a wild and substitutes for all other symbols. This increases your chances of winning lucrative paylines. If you think that’s it, we’re going to have to disappoint you. Because there is much more to it than that. You also have the chance to win a lot of free spins. How do you do that? Very simple. The Respin symbol on the bottom bar allows you to.

Ten times your winnings within the freespin session

Besides free spins, the lucrative game also offers multipliers. During the free spins session, different game flashes happen that increase your winnings tenfold. Among these Wilds is the showgirl in a golden evening gown, top hat, and dancing stick. If you are one of the lucky ones, where the dancer appears and gives a coquettish wink, you can expect a bigger prize. In short, if you have already won 100 Euros, it will become 1,000 Euros. Who would have thought it? The showgirls are your lucky charm!

We at Wunderino are blown away by Viva las Vegas, because it not only stands for great features, but also for a lot of glamour and a unique atmosphere. You feel the same way? Then give it a try – Las Vegas is closer than you think.

2. Vegas Magic offers many surprises

What would Las Vegas be without its legendary performances of famous magicians? Siegfried and Roy have been delighting casino visitors with their white tigers for decades. David Copperfield also cast a spell over many spectators with his shows. We at Wunderino believe that magic moments should not be reserved for Las Vegas alone. For this reason, we present you the online slot of the extra class. Vegas Magic. Thrills and abracadabra guaranteed. That’s a promise!

Are you ready to let the magic work on you? Then let’s get started. The Vegas Magic slot will transport you to a ballroom in Las Vegas. Sparkling lights pulsate in blue and pink rhythmically to action-packed music and invite you on a trip into the realm of magic. Even before you set the reels in motion, the main protagonist of the game, a magician with a dark cloak, welcomes you. In his right hand, he holds the Queen of Hearts card. I wonder what this card is all about? Find out!

The magician gives you happy winning combinations

There are three rows, five reels, and 25 winning reels waiting to be discovered by you. You probably already know the symbols from magic shows, a red-haired assistant, a tiger staring through a burning hoop, a white dove, and a top hat. A cool special is the symbol of three tires wedged together. This probably stands for the magical skills of the juggler and is, by the way, worth as much as the cylinder. With spades, diamonds, clubs, and hearts you get smaller prizes. Now to the main protagonist of the slot, the magician. He is by far the most powerful symbol, because as a wild he replaces all other symbols. Wow, he can do something!

With the dollar symbol you can increase your winnings 100 times!

You want more? Then you should pay attention to the diamond studded dollar sign. If it appears in your rows, there are lucrative winnings. If this happens three times, you get five times your bet. If four dollar signs appear in your rows, you will receive 50 times your bet! Wow! Unbelievable! But it gets even better. If you see five dollar signs, you get 100 times more. In other words, if you bet 100 Euros and have five dollar symbols, you’ll get 10,000 Euros. This way casino is really fun! And with a lucky hand and a maximum bet of 100 Euros, you can cash up to 350,000 Euros!

To sum up, Vegas Magic is all about thrills, slick magic, and big wins. That’s something to see! We at Wunderino love Vegas Magic and can’t wait to get the reels rolling. Do you want this to happen to you? Then we don’t want to hold you back. This way to the slot.

3. Richie in Vegas

Las Vegas does not only stand for impressive live performances and glamorous outfits, but also for people who became millionaires. It is not without reason that many are drawn to the metropolis of gambling. The slot game Richie in Vegas therefore revolves around the young man of the same name who seeks his fortune in Las Vegas.

With five reels, three rows, and 20 paylines, the slot is classically structured. The setting of the slot originates from the 80s. Neon-lit palm trees, a pink and purple background, and a gold frame around the reels. In the background, elevator music sounds, which puts you in a relaxed mood. Almost feels like Vegas, doesn’t it?

The symbols of the slot include the young man Richie in a red t-shirt and baseball cap, a bell, chips, dice, small cards with the words Bar, and a diamond. To start the game, all you have to do is bet 0.20 Euros. This is ideal for hesitant players, as it allows you to approach the game slowly. Are you a high risk player? Then you can bet higher – up to 50 Euros is possible. Woohoo, now the party can start!

Jackpot Richie lets you be part of his luck

Now let’s get to some more exciting features. As mentioned earlier. The slot tells how Richie landed the big coup in Vegas. The lucky guy shares this luck with you. You only have to remember one thing… When you see the "Jackpot Richie" symbol with his hair pulled back and in his tuxedo, you spin free spins. Yippee! Free spins thanks to Richie. If the young millionaire appears five times next to each other in your rows, you can win 2,000 times more. For a bet of 50 euros, that would be around 100,000 euros. Incredible, isn’t it?

As you can see, amazingly high winnings are possible even with a comparatively small bet. Richie seems to be a pretty generous guy. But he’s not the only one who makes you happy, the wild symbol does so too. If the word "wild" flashes in colorful letters in your rows, you have a good chance of winning. Because with it, you replace all the other symbols and increase your winning combinations. Simple, isn’t it? We at Wunderino love this game. Excitement, great features, and fat prizes. But the best is yet to come. The slot has a very special special offer for you. The wheel of fortune. It appears after a free spin and offers exclusive winnings. You can use it to increase your payout 8 times, spin six relaxed free spins or dust off a few wild ones.

Wow! Free spins, bonuses, and lots of fun! The slot shows that you can get that Las Vegas feeling right in your living room. Are you up for a round? Then just try it out! Click here for the game. We at Wunderino will definitely keep our fingers crossed for you! Who knows, maybe you’ll be the next Richie to win big!

Our résumé

Elegant showgirls, breathtaking magic shows, and fat winnings – these Las Vegas slots have it all. We at Wunderino guarantee excitement, fun and a good mood as well as regular free spins and bonuses. Could it get any better? Oh yes! You have 24 hour access to this dazzling world – from the comfort of your own home. Click here to visit our online casino.