In these oldest casinos in the world you must have played

General April 17, 2020 8:40 am

We love our modern online casino at Wunderino. But some casinos you just have to see from the inside – and above all, you should have played there. Whether poker, blackjack or roulette, you must visit these four casinos.

It is fantastic. You can sit on the sofa at home in sweatpants or take the bus to visit your friends – you always have the online casino with you thanks to the Wunderino App. But we have to admit, a real casino visit is worth it! Gambling has a long tradition, so we have selected some of the oldest casinos in the world for you!

Casinò di Venezia

Here history and pure goosebumps await you. Because this casino is the first casino that was ever opened. In 1638 the dice rolled over the tables for the first time. Since Venice was an important trading city and numerous people from the most different countries were guests, the gambling soon spread all over the world in specially built houses. Although it was forbidden from time to time, the casino survived until today. It can be found these days at this address: Cannaregio, 2040, 30121 Venice. You can find out more about the oldest casino in the world, which once bore the name "Ridotto", here.

Casino de Monte Carlo

Monte Carlo is famous for its casinos. Consequently it is home to one of the oldest casinos in the world. It was first opened in December 1856 in a villa near the harbour. Monaco was missing sources of income.. The casino was supposed to solve this problem, but the enterprise was not crowned with success at first. Only when the casino changed hands several times and almost ten years passed, it finally became profitable at the end of the 1960s. The reason? Before that, the casino was hardly accessible by road. This problem was solved with the extension of a railway line and a hotel. The numerous heydays of the casino are probably over today, but it is still one of the classics when you think of casinos. You can still find glory in the Casino de Monte Carlo – only in a slightly smaller form than a hundred years ago. You will find the famous casino at Place du Casino, 98000 Monaco.

Casino Baden-Baden

Did you know that Germany has one of the oldest casinos in the world? This can be traced back to the health resort Baden-Baden. In the past, gambling was often prohibited – only in health resorts were official licenses issued. So not only wellness guests but also casino lovers gathered in the holiday resorts. This was the case in Baden-Baden. In the middle of the 18th century the extremely magnificent casino opened there, which soon received international attention. For a long time it was considered the social meeting place of Europe. Writers, actors, musicians, and intellectuals gathered here. By the way, the Russian writer Fyodor Dostoyevsky, who was inspired after visiting this casino. In recent years, the casino has also hosted renowned guests from the world of politics, such as Barack Obama and Angela Merkel. The famous German casino can be found at Kaiserallee 1 in Baden-Baden.


On our casino trip around the world we are now drawn to London. Like just about everything else in this cosmopolitan city, gambling was for a long time reserved for exclusive members of private gambling clubs. In 1826, William Crockford finally founded one of the first casinos in London. Fittingly, the money he used to build his casino had previously been used to win at gambling. The club attracted all the English celebrities – and that is still the case today. The club in Mayfair, on 30 Curzon Street, is still open and is considered one of the most exclusive casinos in the world.

From the oldest casinos in the world to Wunderino

Wow! We are incredibly impressed how long some casinos have been around for. Soon more than 200 years many a house of gambling is already open. Unbelievable, isn’t it? These four are of course only a selection, but we think these casinos are definitely worth a visit. However, you should pay attention to the dress code. Unlike at home, sweatpants are not very popular with the bouncers. What you should get from the wardrobe instead, we tell you here.

If you’re about to enter one of these impressive casinos, prepare yourself in advance for the exciting poker rounds – with our Live Casino! Maybe you’ll win your starting capital there for the exciting trip to Monaco, London or Venice. By the way, unlike the oldest casinos in the world, Wunderino regularly offers bonuses and free spins – you shouldn’t miss them. The best way to do this is with the Wunderino App. So you always have your online casino with you. No matter where the journey is going!