Wunderino Sport – E-Sports are coming and PayPal is back!

General April 14, 2020 12:28 pm

You are a real sports fan? Then these are definitely hard times for you, because the corona virus is currently paralysing our beloved sport. The gyms and countless sports clubs in Germany remain closed. But that’s not all: Even trips to the stadium to cheer on your favourite team with friends are currently not possible. Where people used to sweat, huff and puff and cheer together, there is now an absolute void.

Also the cheering from the living room is no longer possible for the time being. Since most of the sports events cannot take place at the moment, there are of course no broadcasts. In the meantime even the Olympic Games in Tokyo and this year’s European Football Championship have been cancelled. The television is therefore not available for sports events right now.

And let’s be honest: always watching old games, fitness in your own living room or jogging near your home is getting boring in the long run, isn’t it? But don’t worry, we have an idea. Special circumstances require special solutions. And here is ours: How about using this time to get to know the world of e-sports better? In order to spread a bit of cheer in these difficult times, we also have some sensational news for you: PayPal is finally available again for Wunderino Sport, but more about that later.

The new trend: E-sports

For those of you who don’t know: E-sports stands for "electronic sports" and is therefore played on computers or game consoles. Similar to an ordinary sports event, E-sports tournaments are played in front of live spectators, either in the form of events or as a stream on the Internet. The latter makes it possible that E-sports can also take place nowadays and even experience a real upswing. Most of the games practiced in E-sports are first-person shooters or multiplayer online games like League of Legends, but there are also some sports games like the basketball game NBA2K or the football game FIFA. So even classic sports like soccer are now focusing more and more on E-sports. For many clubs, the virtual soccer game is now a permanent fixture. Some teams, for example, now have professional gamers under contract for the Virtual Bundesliga, which is played in FIFA 20. Sounds exciting, doesn’t it?

Betting on Wunderino Sport

You surely know Wunderino Sport already: Here you have the possibility to make exciting sports bets and with the right feeling and a little luck you can win a lot of money. Since many sporting events cannot take place at the moment, there are of course fewer opportunities to bet. But you know now: The new trend is called E-sports. If you are a football fan, you can currently bet on E-Sports FIFA on Wunderino Sport. So just get involved in something new. It will certainly be worth it!

PayPal is back

Least but not last. We’ve already announced that we have great news for you: PayPal is back on Wunderino Sport. You probably know PayPal, after all it is the most popular E-wallet worldwide. Even if it is otherwise so widespread, you have searched in vain for PayPal in German online casinos for a while. But now PayPal has returned to Wunderino Sport. Good for you, because PayPal scores with unbeatable simplicity, speed and security. So nothing stands in the way of your next sports bet.

Now only two things remain to hope for: First, that we will soon be able to offer PayPal again in our Wunderino online casino as well. And secondly, of course, that we can soon resume our normal sports activities and follow the latest games in the stadium or on the TV. Of course, Wunderino Sport will again be very close to the sporting events. But until then, you know what to do. You can pass the time with cool E-sports bets on Wunderino Sport. PayPal is always at your side to provide you with secure deposits and withdrawals in real time. We keep our fingers crossed for you!