How does a VR Casino actually work?

General April 14, 2020 12:16 pm

Welcome to the online casino of the future! Enter a real online casino in the flesh and in colour without having to leave home. Sounds great, doesn’t it? Indeed it is! In the gambling industry VR casinos are the latest trend in online casinos. But is the arrival of virtual reality in the gaming world really the next big thing in the gambling industry? Or is VR just a fad?

We answer these and many more questions in this special about virtual reality, because Wunderino is the online casino that is always at the cutting edge of technology. We offer you online casino games that open up a whole new world. So start the adventure and experience the virtual trip of a lifetime. But what exactly is virtual gambling? And what do you need?

The VR Casino at a glance

Virtual reality is becoming more and more present in the modern video game world. With the help of VR you can experience gambling in a completely new way, without having to take a step outside the door.

How does a VR casino work? Like any other online casino, a VR casino offers you a wide range of games such as online slots, table games, blackjack or roulette. So much for the games. With the implementation, however, it becomes a little trickier, because unlike a normal online casino visit, you need special glasses for the VR casino. With these so-called VR glasses, the game turns from an adventure to the experience that gives you the kick of a lifetime. There are many types of VR glasses available, so before you buy, you should carefully consider which one is the right one for you, because there are so many great technologies that offer you the optimal gaming experience – and a spectacular 3D experience on top of that! To ensure this, you will also need a powerful computer or laptop. What requirements does it have to meet? We will answer these and other questions at the end of this article. A virtual online casino is not only technology, but has much more to offer. In a VR casino, for example, you can get in direct contact with other players and the dealers as if you were really in the same room. You can choose between different avatars and characters. Or you can play exciting multiplayer games in real-time with other gamblers. Play what your gamer heart desires!

Gambling in virtual reality – the future of the online casino

In addition to AI in online casinos, virtual reality has already taken over the gambling industry. VR casinos are the new dimension of online casinos. The visit offers you an incomparable gaming experience. But as so often, virtual gambling also has advantages and disadvantages. We have compiled everything worth knowing about VR casinos for you:


  • Social interaction: Play together with real other players in a real-looking gameplay
  • Live Chat: Chat with the dealers directly in the VR casinos
  • New game feeling: Try out new things and immerse yourself in a game world you have never experienced before
  • Travel without travelling: Enter land-based casinos without actually leaving the country. Gain experience, go to new places and meet a variety of new contacts – play social!


  • The price: Unfortunately the accessories are not as cheap to buy, the VR glasses and other necessary hardware is relatively expensive compared to visiting a normal online casino
  • Limited: Since VR casinos are not yet a standard in the gaming industry, the selection of games is of course not yet as large. But do not panic! This does not detract from the fun of the game
  • Lack of mobility: You can always visit the online casino from Wunderino, whenever and wherever you want. But that’s not so easy with the VR casinos, or can you imagine sitting on the bus with virtual glasses in front of your nose?

Tips & Tricks for VR casino visits

You now know all the pros and cons of VR casinos. And despite the possible concerns, you are now sure: You want to experience the incredible gaming experience for yourself. But before you can start, you still need the right equipment for the adventure of your life – VR glasses and the right computer hardware.

Here is the Wunderino checklist for the ultimate gaming fun in VR Casino:

  1. The right VR glasses (check before buying)
  • Search the market for offers
  • Do a reasonable research in advance
  • VR-glasses are not exactly cheap, so weigh up exactly
  • Read the technical data and compare
  • Check the availability
  1. Computer performance – This is recommended
  • Windows 7SP1 or higher
  • 8GB + RAM memory / RAM Intel i5-4590 or higher
  • 2x USB 3.0 ports and HDMI 1.3
  • NVIDIA GTX970 / AMD290 or higher
  • Also: Keyboard or controller and display, which can be mounted on the head.

Unfortunately you cannot enjoy VR casinos on the move like other online casino slots – like with our Wunderino App. But even that is certainly only a matter of time. Take advantage of the chance to win fabulous prizes in our huge selection of different games. By the way: With Trustly, one of the safest deposit and withdrawal methods on Wunderino, you can keep track of all your expenses. So you can just sit back and relax and start playing. And in case you’ve already forgotten, here’s a little reminder: Regular free spins and bonuses are waiting for you!