Three, two, one – and action: The five best movie slots

General April 6, 2020 1:08 pm

You love to watch movies as well as gambling and sometimes you can hardly decide which one you would prefer? This is over now! We have good news for you: You can also combine your two passions super easy!

On Wunderino you’ll find a variety of great slots that allow you to dive into your favorite movie world. License agreements with movie producers allow game developers to produce impressive games that contain authentic images, video clips and soundtracks from the best movies ever made. The movie slots are packed with super imaginative and unique features that really bring the movies to life. You can join your favorite movie heroes and experience exciting adventures together with them. And the best part: you have a chance to win sensational prizes! Whether you are a fan of thrilling action movies, scary horror flicks or hilarious comedies – there is something for everyone in our list!

Jurassic Park

Steven Spielberg’s Jurassic Park from 1993 has probably been seen or at least heard of by almost everyone. With its captivating storyline, likeable characters, excellent graphics and spectacular stunts, the film was awarded numerous prestigious prizes at the time. With the matching Jurassic Park slot from developer Microgaming, you can relive the thrill and excitement of this movie. The slot, with five reels and a bombastic 243 ways to win, has excellent graphics. You find yourself in the middle of a dark, mystical jungle. In the background, an elaborately animated dinosaur moves through the thicket every now and then, and its steps make the whole picture tremble. You’ll also encounter various dinosaurs on the reels, as well as some of the main characters themselves. The slot offers a variety of exciting features. For example, there are five different dinosaur bonus games, and you get twelve free spins with extra special features. Also super exciting is the T-Rex lert feature, which is triggered randomly. For six spins, additional wild symbols are added to the reels. Jurassic Park promises the ultimate in variety and huge payouts, but watch out for the dinosaurs!


Halloween is a relatively new game in the Microgaming slot selection. The game is based on the 1978 horror movie of the same name by director John Carpenter, so the movie has been around for a few years, but it is still super exciting and scary. No wonder because the movie is about the bloody murder series of villain Michael Myers. The Halloween slot creates a real goose-pimple atmosphere thanks to the eerie soundtrack and the authentic, thematically fitting features. As you spin the reels, the masked villain Myers lurks in the background. This game also has some special features up its sleeve. With the trick or treat bonus you can win ten times your stake. The boogeyman bonus and the free spins features offer even more opportunities for sensational winnings. But be warned, this spooky slot is not for the faint of heart! If you’re a big horror movie fan, this slot is a real lucky break for you!

Planet of the Apes

NetEnt slots are known for their outstanding graphics, innovative features and exceptional gameplay. The video slot Planet of the Apes is a convincing proof. The slot was licensed by 20th Century Fox and is based on the two successful movies: Planet of the Apes: Prevolution and Planet of the Apes: Revolution.
The slot is particularly innovative as it consists of two 2×5 reels arranged side by side. Each game area corresponds to one of the two films visually and in terms of content, and of course also contains the respective main characters. Each game site also has its own free spins and bonus features. That means of course great potential for gigantic winnings. Really cool: As soon as you start the slot, you will experience an exciting, action-packed intro video with lots of authentic footage. This way you can experience the two films all over again.

Terminator 2

Terminator 2 was the best selling movie of 1991 and at the same time the most successful movie in Arnold Schwarzenegger’s career. The film completely pushed the boundaries in terms of computer-generated imagery and even won an Oscar for best visual effects. But Microgaming also did a really good job on the Terminator 2 slot. Hardly any other slot machine comes as close to a movie as this one. The look, the soundtrack, the graphics – Terminator 2 will instantly captivate you and gives you a pure cinema feeling. The authentic video clips make the slot a real experience. Of course, many exciting and worthwhile special features are waiting for you. The free spins function is especially spectacular, because 243 winning opportunities are turned into 1024! How does this work? The playing field is simply extended by one row. Even the randomly triggered T-800 Vision mode promises maximum fun, thrills and big winnings.


Enough with action and horror. You like a little bit more fun and a more pink? You don’t mind a little glitter? Then we have something for you! Microgaming has created an enchanting slot for the movie Bridesmaids. If you’re a fan of kitsch and bright pink, then this game will definitely make your heart beat faster. If not, the Bridesmaids slot could still be something for you: It convinces with numerous bonus features! The slot has four rows, five reels and 40 paylines. The background looks like 50’s retro wallpaper, in pink of course, and the reels are framed by sparkling diamonds. You’ll also find many original scenes from the Hollywood blockbuster. The soundtrack is cheerful and easy-going. Good mood is preprogrammed here! As symbols you will encounter colorful cupcakes, a golden fan, and of course the main characters. The various bonus features of the slot make sure that you never get bored. In the Cupcake Booster, you have to choose between four sugar-sweet cupcakes, each with a different prize. The Magic Moments bonus lets you watch ten different original scenes from the movie. This means not only entertainment but also thrills: Nine scenes can bring you phenomenal winnings, but one scene ends the feature abruptly. In addition, there are also two different free play features. You have to try it out! With a bit of luck, this slot might even finance your own dream wedding.

In conclusion

So? Do you have a favorite yet? Then let’s go: Prepare the popcorn and plunge into your own movie adventure. Side by side with your favourite characters and with a bit of luck, you’ll soon be able to win big on Wunderino. And don’t forget: Regular bonuses and free spins await you at your favorite online casino. And of course everything is also to go with our Wunderino app. Ready? Well then: Lights, camera and action!

Speaking of which, what else do movies have to do with casinos? Right! There are numerous blockbusters with the gambling theme in all its facets. We find some of them particularly worth seeing. Here are our top 5.