Everything legal from 2021 – new gambling regulations in Germany

General March 13, 2020 8:27 am

Top Secret! We have the long-awaited top news from the gaming industry for you: Online gambling in all Germany is becoming legal, 2021 is finally the day! Play relaxed through our colorful world of games – risk-free and safe!

Play online from the comfort of your own couch without worries, this dream will soon become reality for you. Online poker and virtual casinos will be allowed germanwide from mid 2021, so you can play legally at your whim. But as heavenly as that sounds, there are still a few things to consider. There are plans for a State Treaty on Gambling, which is supposed to put a stop to unlimited gambling. Sounds worrying? No panic!

We will answer your questions exclusively:

  1. What does the State Treaty on Gambling contain?
  2. What consequences does the treaty have for me?

The State Treaty on Gambling in detail

Play without limits? That would be great, but those days are probably over for good by mid 2021. According to the latest press releases concerning the gambling industry, the State Treaty on Gambling will then come into force. And with it, a lot will change, for you, the gamer, as well as for us. But we at Wunderino can reassure you, because our online casino is one of the most modern in the industry – we always keep up with the times. That’s why we have already taken a look at the aforementioned State Treaty on Gambling exclusively for you, so that you can continue gambling in our online casino in complete peace and quiet.

The contract at a glance

  1. So far in most part of germany Illegal gambling on the Internet should be allowed in the future: Whether in online casinos, at the online poker table or with the popular sports bets, immerse yourself in the colorful variety of games and play adventure for adventure through our online casino – completely legally!
  2. Play online risk-free: To ensure that you are well protected when playing, there will be stricter rules in terms of player protection. Play legal, play safe!
  3. Set limits without limiting the fun of playing: The deposit limit in the online casino will be confined to €1,000 per month.

All in all, doesn’t sound like more fun, but rather less? We at Wunderino say: No. Because a safe game of chance does not limit your freedom, not at all! Playing online casino without risk is the guarantee for long-term gaming pleasure. And that’s exactly what Wunderino stands for: Play comfortably, whenever and wherever you want, always and everywhere.

Play safely online without a risk

The risk-free gaming fun in our online casino does not just fall from the sky. We at Wunderino work hard every day to make our online games a little safer for you. Lean back, relax and play as you please through our colorful worlds.

With the upcoming change in the law, there are all kinds of new developments in terms of security: We as a provider must, for example, keep your game data available at all times if a regulatory authority wants to view this information. This goes hand in hand with the requirement of a gaming account in the online casino for every player – which means that you have to register in order to start playing. "What’s it all for?" you ask yourself? First and foremost, these security measures are designed to prevent gambling addiction and provide you with a pleasant gaming experience. Playing online within the appropriate framework is the keyword here. This is the only way to ensure that the thrill is not just smoke and mirrors, but lasts in the long run – game after game, game after game.

At full throttle to the top!

The gambling industry is booming! And the market for great new online casino games is growing with it: whether classic slots, roulette or thrilling live poker, the choice seems endless! And the best thing is, not only the online casinos are being filled with life more and more, but also sports bets are being added – for that very special kick in the online casino. So for you this means: don’t fall asleep on the sofa, but wake up and place a bet! We at Wunderino will help you get started and show you how to use your budget correctly, what you need to pay attention to and what to do with your first big win. Safety is all well and good, but of course this should not be lost in the whole process: The fun of the game.

We’ll recapitulate: The sensational news finally becomes reality, online gambling in all Germany is legalized! You can register with us absolutely risk-free and free of charge. And off you go to Wunderino, the online casino for the adventure of your life! Play with the Wunderino app from the comfort of your own home, no matter where you are. We offer you a wide variety of gaming fun with regular bonuses and free spins.