Why you and your pet are in good hands at Wunderino Online Casino

General February 10, 2020 2:51 pm

A cheeky little monkey that looks over your shoulders during poker and stands by your side as a good luck charm is a nice idea. In reality, however, it looks very different: Even the good lapdog is often not a welcome guest in casinos. Many gambling halls deny animals the entrance. You are a passionate gambler and have often asked yourself why you can’t take your faithful four-legged friend with you to the casino? We at Wunderino explain it to you and have a suitable alternative ready.

Three reasons for a ban on pets in casinos

Dogs distract other casino visitors

As cuddly and playful as these cuddly little animals are, they have a great need for affection and attention. If the little dog then wants to be stroked by you, barking or whimpering – some find it sweet as sugar, others feel disturbed. You’ll probably know it from playing poker – it takes a lot of concentration and some poker aces need a lot of rest to fully engage in the game. In order to enable all visitors this state of deep relaxation and concentration, animals are therefore unfortunately not allowed in many casinos.

Casinos attach great importance to hygiene

Also the quiet animals are not without. Because when stroking the dogs or optionally also cats, the four-legged friends leave their fur behind. Some visitors are annoyed about this. Because hygiene is also a priority in a gambling establishment. And in order to comply with this, a casino has to remove the traces of the hairy guests more often than without the little animals. For this reason, most casino operators want to avoid the additional costs of repeated cleaning.

Dogs want to go out into the fresh air regularly

While the four-legged friends sit patiently next to their master or mistress one minute, this can change quickly the next. So it can happen that you are just absorbed in the game and your little friend wants to go for a ride. And it doesn’t matter if you are playing with other players to win. This can go so far that he barks and whines until you have to go for a walk with him. To exclude this disturbing factor for the other players, animals are not allowed in casinos.

In the online casino of Wunderino all animal lovers are welcome

Pretty tricky: Should you continue to play or give a cuddly companion the attention it needs? We at Wunderino have a solution to this dilemma, because in our online casino you are both warmly welcome. Whether with your Tarantula, your house pig or a hamster. From the comfort of your couch, you can log in to our portal and play comfortably next to your pet. You have to take a short break because your faithful companion wants to take a turn around the block? No problem with us – you can pause the game at any time. Oh how nice, animal and casino love go hand in hand! And the best: Everything with just one click. We at Wunderino are really looking forward to seeing you and your hairy companion.

By the way: You don’t have to do without Wunderino even when you go for a walk. With the Wunderino app you always have your own personal mobile casino with you. Because there too, free spins and bonuses are waiting for you on a regular basis!