Let’s talk about football, no, not the one you are thinking of!

General January 31, 2020 9:14 am

It is the final countdown to the most watched sporting event of the United States of America. Football and more specifically the NFL Finals! The Super Bowl. We are back with the 54th edition of the iconic American sporting event. And this one will be full of intrigue as finally the New England Patriots’ three year long domination has ended and we have two new contenders.

Returning after a seven year absence, and from the arguably more competitive National Football Conference, are the San Francisco 49ers. Beating the Minnesota Vikings in the playoffs and Green Bay Packers in the championship both by 17, the Californian team is looking to secure their first Super Bowl victory since 1995. However, their opponent has been through much worse of a drought. Coming from the American Football Conference are a team that has not seen a Super Bowl final in FIFTY, yes 5-0, years. And what of a story line would it be if they repeated what they achieved fifty years ago. After relatively comfortably overcoming the Houston Texans 51-31 in the playoffs, they had a tougher time versus the Tennessee Titans in the Championship where they secured a 35-24 win to advance to their third Super Bowl.

Looking at the competition

Coming into the Super Bowl, the 49ers finished the season slightly stronger with a 13-3 record versus 12-4 of Chiefs. However, the Chiefs looked the more competitive team during the playoffs and championship games. Which is a reason why bookies are edging them over the 49ers. Moreover, last year the Chiefs had an opportunity to make it to the Super Bowl, but fell short due to defensive issues which were sorted and have been paying dividends. Last year the Chiefs were 24th in points allowed as opposed to this years 7th. Combining this with their incredible offense that has managed ten thirty + point games (including the playoff and championship games) this is why they have been the focal point of most conversation, not to mention the first appearance since Super Bowl IV. They look to be the slightly stronger side. Wunderino bookies place the Chiefs at a 1.79 odds versus the 49ers 2.04.

Forget the game

The Super Bowl isn’t just known for the game, it is the most advertised event in the US yearly. It is a spectacle. From the halftime show and the artists they attract to perform for the crowd to the exclusive ads for new movies and shows. There is a lot to expect. If you happen to be in sunny Miami Gardens, Florida it is an event you absolutely should attend as it is a massive sporting celebration. If you can’t make it, then grab a couple of friends, order some burgers and pizza, cool your drinks and enjoy you the show! Mark it down on your calendar: 3rd of February at 00:30 CET.

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