Gambling in the Wild West

General November 15, 2019 1:59 pm

Hot desert scenes, ominous harmonica music, chewing tobacco, moonshine, and swinging saloon doors. Well, for one of the most fascinating times in American history there are probably many more examples. Gambling is also an important part of this fascination – in this Wunderino blog you can find out what poker has to do with the Wild West and what gambling was all about back then.

Even after more than 100 years, the so-called "Wild West" is still one of the most popular epochs in human history. It is not for nothing that this time is still an integral part of our entertainment industry, especially in movies like "Once upon a Time in the West" and "Django Unchained", books like "Winnetou" and not to forget computer games like "Red Dead Redemption".

Of course, only a few people would really like to live in this world of danger and fraud, but rather observe it from a far The time of cowboys, gold rush and apparently endless freedom, it holds a fascination.

Gambling is also an important part of the Wild West cult. Because game playing, as we know it today, is largely based on the gambling practices of that time. It is hard to imagine what poker, blackjack and roulette would look like today if the Wild West had not existed. Would they even be known? Would they still be so popular today? We don’t think so.

But why did people play cards so often back then? Think about it. There were no televisions or radios, not to mention the internet. One was already happy when he had a few exciting books on hand – and even these were read rarely. Gambling was thus an important leisure activity that brought people variety and fun and also promoted company as well. But for many it also served as an occasional or even the only source of income – today, as then, this depends on both talent and experience.

Poker in the Wild West

The game of chance that comes to most people’s mind first when they think of the Wild West is poker. The card game does not have its roots originally from the US, but the love for it only became really great when it gradually took on its present form in the 19th century.

The card game, which is currently played at big tournaments, in numerous online casinos and also at home with friends, used to be played mostly in smoky saloons. Contrary to popular belief, it wasn’t just men who were involved, many women were also highly skilled players in the Wild West who could easily pull money out of their opponents’ pockets when playing poker.

The first major centre of gambling in general – and poker in particular – was the beautiful city of New Orleans located on the Mississippi River. In addition to cowboys, railroad workers and people who had fallen for the gold rush met there to play in the South State city.

Back then, it was a lot more dangerous to be a good, tactically smart player who could easily outdo others. In the Wild West, a gun was more or less part of every evening outfit. In addition, there were many who interpreted the laws rather loosely – just think of the outlaws who were hanging around at that time. With a good bluff or a well thought-betting strategy, gamblers took a real risk that went far beyond the poker table. Luckily, poker in today’s casino is pretty peaceful and regulated!

Of course, people in the Wild West of America also played other games like the rather unknown Faro. Roulette and Blackjack were also popular in many places. But apart from Faro, none was as widespread as poker. This also explains why it is still so strongly associated with the Wild West today.

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