Gambling Horoscope: Scorpion

General November 11, 2019 8:10 am

With a new day comes a new chance. Or would it be better to say, a new month, new luck? This month has a very special zodiac sign, the Scorpion! And this is why we have very special lucky tips for you today. Which characteristics apply to Scorpions? In which games of chance do you have the best opportunity to win and which should be your favourite online casino games?That’s exactly what this blog article is all about!

Scorpions – or Latin scorpiones – celebrate their birthday between 24 October and 22 November. Together with fish and crab, scorpions form the so-called "trine" of the element water. Maybe this is the reason why the hunter with the dangerous sting scores so well in our popular Sea Hunter game? But the nimble creature feels even more comfortable on land. In nature, real scorpions live predominantly in sandy or stony soils. But also in tropics subtropics, deserts and arid landscapes you can run into the arachnids. If you feel like you want some heat, off into the desert you go with our sparkling games Desert Gem or The Desert Princess. Do you want to take your destiny into your own hands? Then let’s go and Turn Your Fortune! Now grab your Fortune Re-Spins and ultimate Free Spins.

The zodiac sign Scorpio stands for change and transformation, for shadow and light and the same applies to its emotional scale. Does the following look familiar to you? You know only black or white and a middle way is rather difficult. If you are aiming at one thing strongly, then you are no longer to be dissuaded from it, come what may. It’s always about the principle, everything is meticulously researched and questioned. Is there also a successful "sniffing dog nose" in you? Then use your special talent for detailed observation and win at the side of Sherlock Holmes, probably the most famous master detective in literary history!

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