International Unicorn Day – No joke!

General November 1, 2019 3:07 pm

November 1st is a special day in many ways. Not only is it a holiday in Germany (All Saints’ Day) – yay! Lots of time to gamble on Wunderino! But it is also the day of a special animal. Or rather, a mythical creature. You won’t find these unique four-legged creatures in the zoo, on the paddock or in the wild. Attention, attention. Today, we celebrate the International Day of the Unicorn! And because we at Wunderino are big fans of these wondrous and magical creatures, we dedicate a whole blog post to them and explain how this extraordinary day came about.

Like a horse – only colorful and with a horn

The hype about unicorns did not just come about since your last costume party, where young and old put on colorful cardboard horns on their foreheads. But rather since the fantasy cartoon "The Last Unicorn" from 1982 – yes, that was almost 30 years ago – this magical creature has been an indispensable part of children’s rooms and poetry albums. There are also unicorn balloons at every fair, street party and carnival party. Nowadays you can find unicorns everywhere!

The magic of unicorns has also packed a man named Martin Benni Rothschild in 2015 – this international holiday dates back to that year. Like so many other hypes, trends and fascinations, the passion for unicorns spread on the Internet and became a viral hit thanks to a Facebook event of the same name.

And why November 1st of all days?

The decision to choose this date for his event was probably rather a calendar arbitrariness. Because on a holiday people simply celebrate better. At least in Germany. And since the Wunderino Online Casino did not yet exist in 2015, we can understand very well that people all over the world would rather spend their free time celebrating than gambling online!

But the choice of this day is not completely absurd. If we take a closer look at the date, 1.11., the reference to a straight horn – in the middle of the forehead – cannot be completely dismissed. Well, that could perhaps be a little constructed at this point, but we find that there can’t be this much coincidence 🙂

So what’s all this about now?

Every trend stands and falls with the number of followers and fans. No, we don’t want to label the International Unicorn Day as dubious, irrelevant or short-lived. But the fact is, a continuation of this (unofficial) holiday – and also the unicorn balloon population – can only be guaranteed if as many people as possible mark this day in pink on their calendars, invite others to their own motto party in honour of the mythical creature on Facebook or accept such an invitation and spread the word. Unicorns are something very special and must continue to exist at all costs in our hearts, on posters, in films and in every other imaginable way!

All we can do now is repeat ourselves: We think unicorns are great. And we pay special tribute to that with our unicorn slots. You’ll find three different slots in your favorite casino that will immerse you in the fairytale world of unicorns. At Unicorn Legend you’ll find a sparkling and enchanting design in the style of the classic film. On five slots and up to 20 paylines, the unicorn as a wild symbol and an enchanted mandala as a scatter symbol will lead you to brilliant wins. Royal Unicorn, a slot from game developer Amatic Industries, not only lets you indulge in your imagination, but also takes you back in time to castles, knights, noble kings and magic elves.

A slot of a different kind can be found with Machine-Gun Unicorn. What? In a beautiful country many unicorns lived happily ever after until they were attacked – by zombies! Yes, zombies. The unicorns fought back. When only a few of them were left, a hero appeared on a white horse at the last second. The hero was the white horse – more precisely, a white unicorn, Machine-Gun Unicorn and he fought all the zombies. Maybe a little far-fetched. But this slot cracks us up! 😀

We certainly have some more curious holidays up our sleeve for you. Until then you can pass the time with these and countless other exciting and funny slots – in your Wunderino Online Casino. And if you’re on a zombie hunt, don’t forget to check out the Wunderino app. With your mobile casino, you’ll always be ready for new adventures on the go. Oh yes, of course we don’t want to withhold the regular bonuses and free spins from you. So let’s go, straighten your horn and start playing!