Our Top five most famous Casino Quotes

General October 28, 2019 3:51 pm

What would an evening at the casino be like without wise wisdoms and legendary sayings? Whether it be in your favorite online casino or in Las Vegas. Over the centuries, casinos have developed their own very unique language, which has found its way into our everyday language. Everyone knows the old saying “bad luck in the game, good luck in love”. It is well known that honest people “put their cards on the table”, while inscrutable people “put on their poker faces” or “do not let themselves be looked into the cards”. Successful people “are either just on a lucky streak” or have actually “hit the jackpot”.

No matter if you are a professional player or a beginner, there are some expressions you should definitely be familiar with. This is why today we present something very special. Our top five most famous casino sayings!

Number 5: "Know when to hold ‘em, know when to fold ‘em"
This clever wisdom has potential to be a catchy tune! It became famous through the country song "The Gambler" by Kenny Rogers. But what can you learn from it? The sentence means "knowing when to hold and when to pass". Use your head and fight ("hold them"), hold onto the cards when it is worth it or sometimes you just need to let it go. Do you already have a thrill in your fingers? With our Live Poker, you can take wisdom to heart right away.

Number 4: "Go big – or go home"
Either completely – or not at all. Always do your best, otherwise it is not worth the effort. This expression should encourage you to play to your full potential. In a nutshell… If you’re going to do it half-heartedly, then maybe you should not start at all.

Number 3: "Rien ne va plus"
"No more bets please" – this sentence from the croupier belongs to roulette like Twitter stands for Trump. As of now, your pulse will rise rapidly, because in the next few seconds everything will be decided. Where will the ball stay? Did you place your bet successfully? This unique thrill has made Roulette one of the most popular games for a reason. Our selection ranges from European Roulette to Golden Chip Roulette to the unique Live Roulette.

Number 2: "Always bet on black"
The saying "Always Bet on Black" describes the scenario of a desperate player who sees a last chance for bidding. If you bet your last remaining chips on Black at the Roulette table, you will ideally hit the bull’s eye and go home with full pockets. The phrase was made famous by a quote from Wesley Snipes in the American action thriller "Passenger 57".

Top 1: "Double or nothing"
"Double or nothing" – win or lose – that is the motto here! Are you brave enough to play your entire investment and possibly double your winnings? Or will you lose everything? Is fortune on your side? If you could answer all these questions, all the charm of the casino would be lost. Remember to always play responsibly and know your limits!

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