Lucky charm: Magical cat’s eye

General October 21, 2019 9:26 am

Lucky charms come in countless shapes, colours and sizes, but they have one thing in common. They are said to bring luck to the person that possesses the item. For example, they can help bring wealth or improve the health of the person while protecting against negativity. In our new lucky charm series we are talking about cat’s eyes. No, this does not mean our meowing and purring friends, but rather the rare mineral.

Cat’s Eye is a variant of the gemstone Chrysoberyl, which has the so-called cat’s eye effect. Chrysoberyl is a rare mineral from the mineral class of oxides and hydroxides. By breaking light in the finest parallel hollow channels, the coveted cat’s eye effect is created, which only becomes visible in the cabochon cut. This cut is known for its curved shape without facets. The effect of the silver-white light stripe which resembles the iris in the eye of a cat, also called chatoyance (French: chat = cat; chatoyer = shimmer).

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It is said that the mineral enhances one’s security, protects against evil glances, and black magic. Cat’s Eye is also said to increase intuition, self-confidence, warmth, and harmony. Do you also rely on the power of magic stones? Then our game Eastern Emeralds is just right for you. Collect the rare green emeralds and become the master of your destiny.

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