Gambling Horoscope: Libra

General October 14, 2019 10:15 am

The summer is over and the autumn announces itself with clearly lower temperatures. But the cool weather and the rainy days do not cloud the mood of all those born in autumn. Because the foggy season means above all one thing: it is time to celebrate, because the birthday is just around the corner. In autumn, everything revolves around the zodiac sign Libra. Our monthly gambling horoscope tells you characterizes a Libra and which games you should not miss with this sign of the zodiac.

Libras (Latin: Libra) are people in particular need of harmony. In everyday life this is expressed above all in an artistic activity and the shyness of arguments. It is precisely the beautiful things in life that the Libra appreciates so much. Art, fashion and luxury articles therefore exert a real attraction on the Libras The breathtaking Slot Sticky Diamonds by game developer Gamomat is just the thing for the luxury-loving Libra – sparkling gemstones and diamonds evoke real feelings of happiness.

However, taste issues do not pose any difficulties for the Libra. Bringing a little style and elegance into your everyday life will fill you with joy. A symmetrical and logical arrangement of many things gives the Libra particular pleasure – she leaves nothing to chance in the wardrobe or kitchen. Every piece has its place, and woe betide anyone to confuse this order. But the Libra would never break a quarrel over it. That contradicts their need for harmony.

With its pronounced sense of fairness and justice, the Libra often acts as a mediator. Sometimes trapped between the fronts, she is always anxious to take as diplomatic a path as possible. In this way she tries to solve conflicts quickly. With her charming manner she is successful every now and then. Perhaps that’s why Robin of Sherwood fits in very well with the justice-loving Libra. Apropos: Cheating and disregarding the rules is out of the question for the Libra. How good that Wunderino is always fair – all players have the same chances. This makes playing fun!

The reason why the Libra always proceeds prudently and carefully is that they take a lot of time for important decisions. She wants to think everything over and perhaps even get some additional opinions. The Libra does not rush into anything. Her strategic skills therefore play into her cards, especially in Poker or Blackjack.

But back to the beautiful things in life. Since the Libra likes to spend their money on beautiful things, she would like to earn accordingly also well. If that’s not the case, however, she’ll simply open up other sources of income with her smart mind. How about some gambling? What better opportunity could there be than the lucky month of October, dear Libra?

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Did you already celebrate your birthday in August? That’s great. For the sign of the zodiac Leo we know exactly which games you should try out.

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