Your first casino visit: Do’s and Don’ts

General October 11, 2019 7:46 am

To visit a casino once – everyone has dreamed of this. Who then thinks of actors like George Clooney (in "Ocean’s 11") or Daniel Craig (in "Casino Royale") has expensive suits and noble jewellery in front of his eyes. The dress code isn’t that strict anymore – but you shouldn’t show up there with your sweatpants on. But that’s not the only thing you should be aware of when you first visit the casino. We’ve put together some casino tips for you.

How do you behave in the casino? Our tip: stay cool!

An important tip for your first visit to the casino: Your emotions don’t belong at the roulette, blackjack or poker table. The famous "poker face" will surely tell you something, won’t it? You don’t necessarily have to wear sunglasses – like some professional poker players – but you should have a cool attitude and the necessary self-confidence. After all, you don’t want to let your cool down. Euphoric outbursts of joy, wild clapping, singing, dancing and exuberant shouting – whether out of pure luck or mourning for the lost money – are completely misplaced. You won’t make friends with the constant chatter and stories of a friend of your aunt’s friend, who has left the casino with a bag full of money one day. On the contrary: Just come to the table of your choice, greet your fellow players with a simple "Good Evening" and place your bet. Once you’re done, just get up, collect your chips and say goodbye with a few nice words – "Good Luck" – and you’re on the safe side and definitely a welcome casino guest.

Which table should you choose?

You find your way to the casino and have only 50 Euros in your pocket? This may be good for your wallet, but you shouldn’t put this evening on the back burner. Because some tables have minimum stakes that may already exceed your initial budget. In good casinos, signs or monitors above the tables show you how high the stakes are. Too little starting budget can therefore mean a quick end and your casino evening is over earlier than planned. It means, the smaller your budget, the smaller the selection of tables. So think about how much money you would like to spend.

Which game should you start with?

Poker, blackjack, roulette or maybe a slot machine? This is the question most players ask themselves when they first visit the casino. Our recommendation is: Roulette. There are different variations and strategies, but for starters, it’s just a matter of betting on a number, a row of numbers, or a color – black or red. Everything else is in the hands of the croupier. Then all you have to do is keep your fingers crossed! If you want to go one step further, try blackjack. Be aware, however, that you have to make decisions that directly affect the probability of your winning. It’s best to read the blackjack game rules first.

What is the age limit at the casino?

Whether online or offline, the same age limit applies: You must be at least 18 years old to legally participate in the game of chance. For the real casino this means that you must be able to identify yourself at the entrance. If you don’t have your ID with you, you will unfortunately have to postpone your visit to the casino. So always remember: If you want to celebrate your 18th birthday at the casino, BRING YOUR ID!

Tuxedo and fancy dress or jeans and hoodie?

Here is the all-clear: You don’t have to get a ball robe or a tailcoat with patent leather shoes. The other extreme – casual pants, flip-flops and a frayed pink Floyd T-shirt from old youth days – shouldn’t be your first choice either. A good yardstick for the optimal outfit: What would I wear to grandma’s 80th birthday (if grandma is more conservative). Simple but chic cloth pants, shirt with collar, for ladies a nice evening dress and pumps – with that you are on the safe side. Basically, it’s better to be overdressed than underdressed.

Crazy disguises with cowboy theme and glam & glitter you better save for Las Vegas.

Set yourself limits!

It’s easy to get carried away in the casino: you enter the casino with a clear financial limit, after a few losses you want to win your money back. But that can be a fatal mistake. Stick to your set limit or look for another table or possibly another game after the first loss-rounds. Maybe the next big win awaits you there. Challenging one’s luck seldom leads to success.

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