Boxing World Championship 2019: “The World Champion with the paunch”

General September 9, 2019 9:41 am

We are in New York, Madison Square Garden. It’s June 1, 2019, 10:00 p.m. Those who have been able to buy a ticket are gradually taking their seats. The bell announcing the start of the first round begins to ring. The audience cheers. In the ring, no other than the Brit Anthony Joshua, triple acting boxing world champion, who would make his US debut in New York this evening. Joshua’s first big fight in the USA, a challenge announcement to all US heavyweights, accompanied by a huge marketing campaign, which Joshua should position as a superstar in the USA from now on – there is no bigger stage than Madison Square Garden for it.

His opponent. The absolute underdog Andrés Ruiz, who likes to call himself "The Destroyer" – and who is also said to have eaten every candy bar in California. Whether this "unofficial record" has a positive effect on his fighting strength is not known. In addition, Ruiz should not have competed against Joshua at all. The originally planned opponent Jarell Miller had been disqualified two months before the fight by a positive doping test. So Ruiz had to go – with a preparation time of only six weeks. Accordingly, on June the 1st he does not look the part when he enters the ring. 122 kilograms of combat weight at 1.88 meters height – the mere optical difference between him and Joshua, whose well-trained body could easily outshine some bodybuilders, seems almost ridiculous.

What no one is aware of at this point is that this fight, which was clearly believed to be decided in advance, would go down in the history books of boxing as a legendary evening.

After three rounds the fight should already be over.

In the beginning it comes how it had to come: Joshua is the clear favourite and dominates the fight. Ruiz presents himself as a tough but still inferior sparring partner and in the third lap, after a world-class left hook from Joshua, he lies the first of two times on the ground within a very short time. "That’s it," everyone thinks. But Ruiz, who is said to be ready to die in the ring, gets up and continues. Maybe also thanks to one or the other chocolate bar? No one knows…

And so a more than bewildered Anthony Joshua finds himself on the floor of the ring shortly afterwards – the first of a total of four times that evening. Because from round to round it becomes clear. Joshua more than underestimated Ruiz. The preparation, the opponent as such, not taken seriously. Round seven begins – and Anthony "AJ" Joshua is back on the ground. The spectator feels what nobody had thought possible: AJ himself no longer believes in his victory. After the last attempt of an offensive AJ kneels once more, for the last time in the ring, shakes his head – and the sensation is perfect: "The Destroyer", Andrés Ruiz, becomes triple world champion in the fight of his life by a technical knockout. And for those who didn’t know it yet, in boxing, the rule is that a boxer takes over all of the World Champion’s titles by beating the reigning World Champion. What bad luck for AJ.

Anthony Joshua presented himself as a pretty good loser, took photos with Ruiz, congratulated him extensively and attached great importance to stressing that he would come back even stronger. Maybe he should try Ruiz’s chocolate bar diet.

"Mama, we don’t have to struggle anymore. Today a new life begins"

And Andrés Ruiz? He celebrates himself – and his life. What you need to know: With his victory, the Mexican-born has not only turned the world of boxing upside down – but also his own. Having grown up in poor conditions on the American-Mexican border, Ruiz has always had to fight his way through life. It goes without saying that this is easier with three world championship titles and a corresponding salary in his pocket.

This story proves once again that it is worthwhile to bet on the outsider from time to time. Bookmakers gave the victory of Ruiz a quota of 1:11 – what the bet of 20€ on profit Ruiz would have done with your money, you can calculate for yourself. 😉

What else does the 2019 boxing year have to offer?

Fortunately, this was not the last fight you could bet your money on in this turbulent year at Wunderino Sport.

The return match between Ruiz and Joshua is scheduled for the beginning of December, only the negotiations about the venue and the money are still going on. What do you think: Will Joshua be able to get his title back? The odds are a bit more balanced this time, by the way.

2019 09 09 Wunderino SportwettenBoxen Zusatz A

Another high-carat fight awaits the boxing world on 15 September with the fight between boxing legend Tyson Fury and Otto Wallin. Visible at the odds: Wallin fights like Ruiz as an underdog – is it worth betting on him? The odds at least would speak.

2019 09 09 Wunderino SportwettenBoxen Zusatz B

But what would boxing be without its constantly sizzling rumour mill? Like every year, there are numerous speculations about planned fights in 2019, which the boxing world would like to see, but which have not yet been confirmed. The nice thing is: Even on these unconfirmed fights, you can already rely on Wunderino Sport today.

For example, there is the rematch between the US American "Money" Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao, which inspired the boxing world in 2015 and set several records in terms of viewer numbers and the resulting TV money. It is rumored that the rematch of this legendary duel could take place in August 2020. Just like four years ago, this (potential) time Mayweather seems to be the favorite:

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