Gambling Horoscope: Virgo

General September 6, 2019 5:50 am

This month there is again an exclusive zodiac lucky tip for you. Today we introduce you to the Zodiac sign Virgo and its characteristics. What do you see in the stars when your birthday is between the 24th of August and 23rd of September? Today you will discover which games of chance your personal horoscope has in store for you!

The star sign Virgo stands especially for reliability, kindness and generosity. You are ambitious, dutiful and do everything you can to achieve your goals. Before you start doing certain things you create a concrete plan, because the virgo’s strength is a particularly clear and analytical way of thinking. And it’s from this that you can derive especially good qualifications for poker or other table games. Professionals follow a clear strategy to get closer to their goal of winning the tournament. Amber, apple trees, and cats are among your personal lucky charms, so maybe our games Lucky Fortune Cat or Big Apple Wins are just right for you?

Virgos are considered dynamic characters; on the one hand they are incredibly flexible, but at the same time they want security and routine to feel comfortable. With Wunderino, you’re in good hands when it comes to security. With the payment-provider Trustly you can manage your payments safely and always have an overview over your finances.

The Virgo is realistic and has both feet on the ground. It is said that she often hides behind cool objectivity. That’s why virgos are considered true masters of the poker face. But once a certain amount of trust has been built up, she flourishes into an easy and open to all sorts of foolishness type of person. The Virgo’s element is Earth, which is why we recommend our Majestic Forest game of chance. Here you are surrounded by forest creatures and can immerse yourself in nature and the wonderful world of Wunderino. By the way, you can also experience many of our games live!

Whether virgo, leo or cancer: every zodiac sign will find its own luck in our online casino! As soon as you have paid in your starting budget, the fun can begin. Are you on the road? No problem, with our Wunderino app on your smartphone or tablet you can enjoy your favorite games in your favorite place. The very special surprise is that at Wunderino you can look forward to regular free spins and bonuses!