Longing for the Sea on National Beach Day

Games September 2, 2019 12:02 pm

Did you know which day was celebrated on August 30th? We’ll tell you: the "National Beach Day" – so let’s get out and about to the sea! Summertime means beachtime, so pack your swimsuit and cold drinks and off you go into the cool water. Who doesn’t like to spend a hot summer day by the sea? With our online casino and vibrant games like Sea Hunter or Sam on the Beach, you can bring the sea right to your front door. Or just take your favourite casino with you to the water. Download the Wunderino app on your smartphone or tablet and you can play your favorite games anywhere in the world.

But what is the "National Beach Day" actually about? Since August 30. 2014, the US-American day of the beach appeals every year to the protection and preservation of clean beaches. The initiative goes back to the activist and animal rights defender Colleen Paige. The aim of the campaign day is to raise awareness of the threat to this sensitive ecosystem. After all, it isn’t only sand and shells on the beach, but also many animals and plants. They suffer a lot from garbage, especially during the summer months. This is why people all over the world meet today to clean beaches from garbage and to support the preservation of the animal kingdom. We also care about the cleanliness and the near-natural preservation of the worldwide beaches – happy nature and animal world, happy inhabitants and of course happy holiday goers, who can enjoy their leisure time especially with Wunderino and our online casino and find even more relaxation.

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