36.000€ Jackpot in Holmes and the Stolen Stones

General August 21, 2019 1:33 pm

Uncover mysteries, undermine criminal conspiracies, hunt down criminals and prevent their machinations – take on the role of Sherlock Holmes. Probably the world’s most famous private detective that almost every child knows. The fictitious cult figure of Sherlock Holmes, who was first written by the British writer Arthur Conan Doyle in 1886 and since then has served as the model for numerous films, series and other books. The story about the charismatic Holmes is literary gold.

But why? What makes the story of Mr Holmes so successful? His outstanding analytical, combinatorial and forensic skills and knowledge – all in all a man whose razor-sharp mind, combined with slightly sociopathic traits, gives a hilarious and at the same time ingenious picture.

Well combined, Sherlock

In addition to his graceful appearance, razor-sharp intellect and incomparable ingenuity, Holmes is above all said to have one key characteristic the ability, as the ultimate authority, to intervene frequently at the moment when a riddle seems almost unsolvable. By combining individual facts with each other in an incomprehensible way he manages to find a solution to the riddle everytime. And that is exactly what Holmes does so well. Combine.

Now you can do that too! And without any experience as a private detective… The only thing you need is Wunderino.com. We let you slip into the role of Sherlock Holmes to start you onto the search for the stolen stones. Become Sherlock Holmes now and find the stones that won’t lead you to the solution of a case, but much more to your personal wealth!

Holmes and the Stolen Stones – 36.000€ Jackpot

Did we say "gold" at the beginning? That’s exactly what the developers of the game "Holmes and the Stolen Stones" thought. With this slot they have created a gaming experience that is second to none.

A look at the Wunderino winner of the year 2019 reveals that the German player M.S. actually managed to win an incredible €36,732 this August with a stake of only €0.60! Put into words: A sixty thousand fold (!) of his bet. Awesome!

Even though, Sherlock Holmes may be good at combining individual facts, clues and circumstantial evidence – unfortunately for him the first slot machine with a reel slot was not built until 1889 – and is thus three years after Holmes’ (literary) first appearance. This is where you come in.

Try this great slot now! Find all the stones, get free spins and hit the jackpot. You’ll see, it’s worth it!

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