Beginner’s luck – Is it really just luck or talent after all?

General August 19, 2019 10:01 am

You probably know it too, a new game, the rules are still completely foreign and you try yourself for the first time in this game of chance. No matter if it‘s poker, roulette or one of the many slots Wunderino has to offer – the beginner’s luck has taken hold of you and it runs almost by itself. You’ll win one great win after another. Just like the beautiful picture of a professional angler compared to a beginner – one struggles, despite a lot of experience, the other pulls the biggest fish out of the water on their first go. But how can that be? Are you a natural talent or are you a gambling god? Here you can find out what this phenomenon is all about.

Winner again! How can it be?

Let’s be a bit scientific. Especially in the casino, the so-called beginner’s luck is referred to as the "wrong connection with earlier successes". What does this have to do with gambling, you might wonder. It’s very simple, theory meets practice. Are you trying a game for the first time and losing, what might happen then? Right, you tend to get out and try your luck with another game. However, if you prove a good hand the first time you play, you will of course continue to gamble in the hope of winning the next few rounds. Who wouldn’t do that? Convinced that you have above-average abilities, you will increase your stake as a lucky man. But that’s exactly where the fallacy lies: once too much gambling is done, you’ll promptly become an unlucky fellow later, when the odds "normalize". That is, if with every win, a non-win becomes more probable.

As exciting as the phenomenon of beginner’s luck may seem – especially when it hits you and you find yourself in gambling heaven – it is unfortunately a very rational event. Either your luck is pure chance or you have developed an intuitive understanding of the game in a very short time.

Is it coincidence or talent?

But at what point is it no longer beginner’s luck, but intuition or talent? There is no clear limit, but there are two good clues:

  1. If you play the same game over a longer period of time and show much more skills than your competitors, you can assume that talent at least plays a certain part in it
  2. The more players there are, the more likely it is that someone will be successful for a longer time, purely out of luck.

The lack of prior knowledge can even be an advantage during your first casino visit or online casino game. Your game is not shaped by your experience. This makes you more courageous and risk-averse – you are willing to place higher stakes, because you have not yet made the experience of losing. Well, at least not in this game 😉

In order to help your beginner’s luck a little more on the jumps, there are some tips that you should consider before your first gambling experience:

Slots – It’s the payout ratio that counts

Every slot game – whether new or old – has a certain payout ratio. So actively look for slot games that offer the highest payout odds. Modern online slot games have an average odds of around 95%. Pretty high, isn’t it? This is well above the average payout rate of slot machines in real casinos. Different slots mean different odds – this can have a significant impact on your beginner’s luck. Therefore, always take your time and pay attention to the respective payout ratios of the slots.

Baccarat – What you should bet on

An absolute gambling classic and a must for daring beginners. To go home after a Baccarat game with full pockets, you should bet exclusively on the bank. It has a house advantage of only one percent. Compared to other casino games, this is unbeatable – and unbeatably good for you!

Roulette – The right bet is crucial for beginner’s luck

Roulette is undoubtedly one of those casino games that will survive for centuries to come and this is not due to the house advantage because the percentage is three to five percent, which is quite impressive. However, also high chances of winning lure luck in to the game. For you as a beginner, who can’t keep your hands off the wheel of fortune, we recommend to gamble. Yes, but in moderation and with low stakes. With Wunderino you can easily keep an eye on your bets and thus increase your chance to win big right from the start.

Bottom line. As a clever beginner, you should pay attention to a mix of high- and low-risk games, then you can be sure that you will always be able to get out of the game with a full profit in the future!

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