Lucky charm: Hazelnut Bush

General August 16, 2019 7:36 am

Who would have guessed that the new lucky charm in our series is called "The mean hazel"? In some circles the hazelnut bush is considered a sign for good luck! Due to its resilience and early blooming, hazelnuts are considered a symbol of fertility, immortality and indeed: good luck. In the fairy tale of the Brothers Grimm, the mourning Cinderella plants a hazel branch on the grave of her beloved mother. With the words: "Shake and quiver little tree throw gold and silver down to me" she finally finds happiness. Also in the popular fairytale film "Three Wishes for Cinderella", luck comes in the form of magical hazelnuts.

In ancient Rome, the plant was a symbol of peace. As a sign of good intentions, a hazel branch was held in the hand during peace negotiations. Later, the hazel bush was said to hold back witches, snakes and lightnings. Thus, the branches were placed in roof beams as shield against strikes.

In some countries, the bride was given a basket of hazelnuts at the wedding – as a lucky charm and symbol of fertility. In general, When hazelnuts bear many fruits in autumn, there are many children in the following year – according to superstitious people. Until today, their branches were used as diviner’s rod to detect springs, metal veins and precious things.

As a healthy snack or component of confectionery, hazelnuts are an established part of our cuisine. They consist of 60% fat, contain numerous nutrients and are beneficial for the brain. Therefore, these tasty nuts are not only lucky charms but also good for our heads. Be sure to keep a bowl of hazelnuts ready for your next Wunderino adventure! By the way, the wood of a hazel tree is also said to contain magical powers. An amulet from it attracts luck in a wondrous way.

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You’ve got a taste for Wunderino now and would like to get started right away? To help your luck even more, you could put a Maneki-neko, a waving lucky cat, on the table next to the little bowl with hazelnuts. You certainly brought one with you from your last holiday in China…