“Two for the Money” – a captivating sports betting drama

General August 13, 2019 12:18 pm

Movies that revolve around casinos and gambling at the poker table are extremely popular with viewers. The same applies to sports betting films. They draw the audience – almost magically – into the cinemas and in front of the TVs. Matching our Wunderino sports bets section, we have a particularly exciting film tip for you.

“Two for the Money” is a US-American thriller from 2005. The handsome and smart quarterback, Brandon Lang, has had a successful college football career. He is considered an exceptional talent. But luck doesn’t seem to be with him. During a match, he suffers a serious injury, which eventually leads to the fact that even after intensive build-up training, he doesn’t seem to be welcome in any American football team anymore. For better or for worse, Lang has to swap his career for a job at a telephone center. There he gives callers accurate recommendations for sports betting. Due to his many years of experience in football, his hit rate is up to 85%. Soon Walter Abrams, head of a consulting firm for sports betting tips in New York City, recruits him.

Pride goes before a fall

Abrams is a proletarian new rich climber who enjoys life to the full. He is so unscrupulous that he even distributes his business cards at meetings of gambling addicts. Young Brandon is therefore very reserved at first. He appears under the alias "John Anthony" when sports bets are placed. Now Lang dares to do anything and feels invincible. At first, his success proves him right – he rises to the new number one in Abrams’ company. He is the superstar in the world of sports betting.

But that soon changes. The more Lang concentrates on acting like the character "John Anthony" formed by Abrams, the worse his hit rate gets. His relationship with Abrams is also becoming increasingly tough. Lang discovers the machinations with which Abrams uses his customers’ money – Lang even feels remorse for his actions. With one last appearance, Lang wants to prove his earlier marksmanship: he flips a coin to commit himself to the winning team at the Super Bowl. Unbelievable but true: Abrams even promised his customers a profit guarantee for Lang’s recommendation.

Will Lang find his way back to his old strength and still make the big bucks, or will simple life call for him, away from a steep career? We certainly won’t tell you.

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