Money, Money, Money – National Dollar Day on August 8th

General August 5, 2019 8:29 am

Anyone thinking of online casinos, slots, poker, and other online games wants to know two things first and foremost: What does it cost and how can I deposit for my gaming fun in the easiest and safest way? However, these questions will be answered in a different blog. Instead, we will focus on the origins of the fascination of gambling, casino and covert poker decks. An origin without which winning would be half as nice and losing half as bitter: money. More precisely, the dollar. Because August 8th is the anniversary of the Dollar and the "National Dollar Day".

Another crazy holiday?

Unlike any other country, the United States is particularly creative when it comes to its holidays. Surely most of them were created by chance – perhaps out of pure boredom. One of these odd holidays is August 8th, the day of the dollar. It is all about a historic event that has had a lasting impact on the economy of the country and the world. It is unclear when this day was proclaimed a holiday. But, what is certain, is that on August 8th, 1786, Congress adopted the introduction of the US dollar as the currency of the then "New World". If that’s not a reason enough to celebrate this special moment in US history, then we do not know what is!

Not only has the dollar turned out to be one of the leading and most stable currencies to this day – no one would have thought so at the time – the dollar also stands as a symbol of wealth and prosperity. So, it is no wonder that money in general and the dollar in particular are regarded as extremely desirable and value-stable means. Everybody wants it – and there is no easier and faster way to get more money than by gambling in online casinos.

No gambling without dough.

Dollar bills in the form of balloons, as well as large parades in the streets of New York or Washington, which pay homage to the bill, you will search in vain. In fact, National Dollar Day is an unofficial holiday – which is also due to the fact that the possible initiators as well as the exact year of foundation are not historically documented. After the official introduction, the first dollar actually only saw the light of day in 1862 and has been a worldwide success since then.

Official holiday or not – we think the "National Dollar Day" is great and thank the Americans for this wonderful invention. Because as the saying goes: Money rules the world – and above all the online casino world.

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