The craziest sports bets – Part 2

General July 26, 2019 6:39 am

It is well known that miracles can happen in sport – last-second leading goals, incredible catch-up chases and goals scored as if by magic. Great is: You can earn a lot of money with all these things – provided, of course, you have the right feeling for the dynamics of the sport and the necessary bit of luck. Sometimes – in special exceptions – luck is the only thing you need.

So there are events whose betting really doesn’t require any knowledge or know-how, but is merely based on chance. If these bets then combine the entry of completely independent events, it becomes really difficult, almost impossible – and the odds shoot into the thousands.

In our section "The 10 craziest sports bets" we present three more bets that really require a lot of luck:

Tiger Woods makes gambler rich

It is April 14th, 2019, Tiger Woods stands on the golf course of the National Golf Club in Augusta, Georgia, USA. His arms triumphantly torn into the air, his face drawn by a shout of jubilation, his body driving in ecstasy over his recent victory. Woods has written no less than history at this moment. For the first time since 2005 the US-American wins a major tournament again. It is the biggest comeback of the year, perhaps even of the decade, that makes the whole world celebrate his success. A bettor from Las Vegas was also able to cheer – at an odds of 1:14, he bets US$ 85,000 on the 44-year-old Woods, which the whole sports world seemed to have already written off. And that’s exactly what made him a winner: an incredible sum of US$ 1.2 million was paid to him by the betting provider – the highest sum a bookmaker ever had to pay on a single golf bet. For us in any case a crazy – and really beautiful – sports bet.

VAR prevents 100.000€ profit

Probably the most hotly debated topic in European football at the moment: The Video assisted Referee, in short: VAR. This controversial introduction has led to heated discussions and debates in recent weeks and months – the focus is on the further development of football and how far it can go in times of digitalisation without destroying the game. Nevertheless: The VAR generally ensures more fairness and structure on the pitch, controversial decisions can not only be reconsidered, they can also be adapted and improved in retrospect – it is logical that exactly this is not understood by the situationally "disadvantaged" team. But things only get particularly bad when there is still a lot of money at stake. That’s exactly what happened this season in an Italian Serie A league game, as the VAR prevented a lucrative combo bet from going up by intervening in Inter Milan vs. SPAL Ferrara, which would have earned the bettor €100,000 if Inter striker Lautaro Martinez had scored a goal. What? 100,000€ with a single goal? In this case: Yes. Because: The bettor had crazily placed a single Euro in a combo bet on different scorers in European leagues. And they were all right – except for Martinez’s goal, which he scored, but which was retrospectively declared invalid by the VAR. (handball at the ball acceptance). Maybe next time it will work out!

Downfall of the Rams at the Superbowl LIII

It’s February 4th, 2019: In Atlanta, Georgia, the Superbowl LIII, the 53rd fencing of the NFL playoff final, takes place. On the field are the New England Patriots around the legendary star quarterback Tom Brady – opposite them are the Los Angeles Rams, who for the first time in 17 years are again in a Superbowl final. Almost 70,000 spectators are waiting for a highly exciting game with numerous touchdowns and field goals. But in this respect they are disappointed – the game is dominated by tactical moves, the first touchdown falls only in the fourth quarter – when 75% of the game time already run. And it’s precisely this type of game that benefits a bettor from the USA, as it is voted the Superbowl Final with the least points in the twinkling of an eye immediately after the end of the game. The US-american bet 250 US$ that the Rams would score exactly three points in the whole game – and was right. With a 400 odds, this bet earned him a total of 100,000 US$.

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