Many many colour – the rainbow

General July 23, 2019 9:51 am

There’s thunder and lightning. Then the dark cloud cover rips open and rays of light fall on the earth: a rainbow appears. Why this dazzling natural phenomenon is so much more than an optical phenomenon caused by the refraction of light we will explain here – in a new episode of our lucky charm series.

Since the age of druids and shamans, the natural event has been seen as an announcement of a brighter and happier time, especially after a long lasting dark phase. This interpretation is still the cornerstone of many myths today.

Thus the most common interpretation of the natural spectacle comes from Ireland. However, this refers less to the bow itself than to its ending. Because where the rays touch the earth, there is supposedly a treasure buried. The so-called Leprechauns – also goblins – hoard their gold there. But should you ever find the treasure, be curious: there you will also find the so-called "Lucky Charm Garden", a garden full of four-leaved clovers.

But not all cultures consider the rainbow a lucky charm. In Asia, for example, it is widely believed that you should not point your index finger at the rainbow. Because otherwise the finger of the unfortunate rots off allegedly. Whether you want to check this interpretation for its truth is up to you.

But we point out to you that it may not be worth the risk at all. For two persons never see the same rainbow. This is because raindrops are in constant motion. Furthermore, all raindrops refract and reflect the light, so that the observer can only perceive a small part of the reflections, depending on the position. Finally, the appearance of the rainbow is influenced by the position of the sun, the observer and his or her own eyesight. So we ask ourselves: if two people see two different rainbows, do they have different luck?

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