The lucky penny – luck lies at your feet

General July 19, 2019 9:32 am

According to a popular german wisdom "who does not honor the penny is not worth the thaler", we do not want to make the mistake of ignoring this talisman. Even if the pfennig already gave way to the euro cent in 2001. That’s why in this episode of our lucky charm series we present you the lucky penny.

The coin, which allegedly fills the pockets of its owner with money, is one of the classic talismans. Save yourself an objection at this point, like: "But I’m not superstitious at all". Everyone’s fingertips tingling a little when you discover the penny accidentally on the ground. By the way, it doesn’t matter whether it’s a lucky penny or whether you’re still spotting its predecessor, the Pfennig, somewhere. Because in 2001 – with the euro currency reform – happiness is said to have been transferred to the penny. Supposedly both variants now bring luck.

The belief in the luck bringing effect of the coin goes back much further – up to a coin from the outgoing Middle Ages. It concerns the so-called baptism pfennig, which is also called baptism medal or “Weihgroschen”. In the 16th and early 17th centuries it was a popular gift – the name says it all: at baptism of course. The minting on the coin contained the name of the person baptized and the date of the baptism or birthday. To protect themselves from evil spirits, the coin was nailed to the stable door or carried with them, as a necklace or sewn into clothing.

How the coin brings luck today

These days, the lucky penny is also said to have a therapeutic effect. People who are persecuted by bad luck tend to find the talisman more often. For some, this may be an impulse to believe in happiness again.

Why is this so, you ask yourself now, of course. The answer is relatively simple: If you are lovesick, in pain or sad, you tend to hang your head. This increases the probability of seeing a lucky cent lying on the ground. Sounds plausible, doesn’t it?

Another interpretation is that it is possible to pass on the copper happiness. However, this only works if you do it right: if you see a lucky cent lying on the street, don’t step on it – it would be like jumping your head into a pool of bad luck.

Instead, you pick up the coin and spit on it on both sides. Yes, you heard right: your saliva is the magic. Because you can only pass on happiness through the spit, which now encases the thaler. Who then still accepts the coin, we want to leave unanswered at this point. On the other hand: You don’t have to tell everything if you pass on the lucky charm…

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