Gambling Horoscope: Cancer

General July 8, 2019 10:09 am

Today you get very special horoscope advice in our new blog post. Every person is born under one of the twelve constellations of the zodiac, and this is associated with certain characteristics. This time you will learn everything about the zodiac sign "Cancer". Does this apply to you? Then read on and find out which games of fortune our horoscope recommends for you.

Born between 22nd of June and 23rd of July, cancers – the Latin word for crab – are real summer people and very emotional. The very well-known saying "hard shell, but soft core" applies to them. People with the zodiac sign cancer need time to open up, you need to crack the hard shell before the full character is let out.

They say that cancers are fabulous listeners and always have good advice for others. However, they struggle when it comes to making their own decisions. Therefore: give your fortune a chance and trust your instinct completely. Water is your element, so our game of chance "Coral Island" is a perfect fit for you!

Cancers are known as complex characters; on the one hand they are resilient and tough, but on the other hand they are sentimental dreamers. They are said to have difficulty separating themselves from old habits. This is perhaps why cancers are particularly lucky when they bet on their favourite numbers, for example in our traditional Roulette Game. By the way: you can also experience many of our games live!

Whether cancer, twin or taurus: in our online casino every zodiac symbol finds its own luck! Simply deposit a starting budget and the fun can begin. Not home right now? No matter whether on the road or at the computer, with our Wunderino app on your smartphone or tablet, you can enjoy your favourite games on the go. Regular free spins and bonuses belong to Wunderino like the hard shell to the zodiac symbol of cancer.

Speaking of roulette – did you know that this famous game of chance is also called the "devil’s game"? You can find out the three reasons for this here. Have fun!