Lucky charm: The chimney sweep

General July 5, 2019 10:05 am

In a new episode of our series of lucky charms, we want to bring you closer a very special one. He is usually dressed in black and carries a ladder under his arm – the chimney sweep. Now we’ll explain why an old profession has made it into the list of lucky charms.

Well, maybe the typical picture of a chimney sweep which each of us has in mind is not quite up to date anymore. Also, the times are over when the chimney sweep carried a ladder under his arm. Nevertheless, it is amazing how much people are spontaneously happy when they see one. Whether as a motif on a greeting card or as a small talisman – the chimney sweep promises pure happiness.

But hardly anyone knows why this profession has managed to become a symbol of happiness. As is so often the case when it comes to superstition, this is of course due to historical reasons. We are talking about the Middle Ages, when many people believed that the souls of the dead left the house through the fireplace. But where there is a way out, there is also a way in – demons and witches, it was believed, could find their way into the house through the fireplace. The chimney sweeps stayed exactly at this "gate". Covered with black soot, they looked so frightening that at that time they represented the image of the devil in the eyes of the humans and were thus awarded the ability to banish other evil creatures. Therefore, chimney sweeps were quite respected. But at the same time soot was also the remedy of choice against evil spirits and healing powers were also attributed to it. The chimney sweep also helped to free badly dragging fireplaces – this was not only helpful against smoke poisoning, but also saved the inhabitants from devastating fires. By the way, these were not uncommon and so the cleaning of the chimneys even became a duty for the house owners. At the end of the year the chimney sweep brought his bill into the house. On this occasion he expressed his good wishes for the New Year. Well, if all this does not mean pure luck!

In former times the opinion was common that an encounter with a chimney sweep promises pure luck. The buttons of his waistcoat were considered a special lucky charm. If you touch them, it will bring you even more luck.

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